Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Cells.

More espresso less depresso” said the liar to the thief, “down the hatch with a bad attitude” she replied. “It’s Tuesday which is only slightly better than blue Monday“.

Time to give the week a much needed kick up the arse that doesn’t involve a lethal dose of caffeine? Back in 1991 when VHS was King, Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura were busy making a name for themselves. Like Pantera they began to not only release albums but videos to add a third dimension for their fans and with “Third World Chaos” we got a promotional video for “Dead Embryonic Cells” that found the band performing in the wilderness accompanied by imagery from their fourth studio album “Arise“. Ironically enough with each passing year of the three decades since the album dropped, the lyrics have become increasingly relevant as they focus on how the current and future generations are born in a dead world, one destroyed by those who lived before them…

In the Red Corner we have Gorgatron who recorded their version for the Metal Injection Slay At Home series however they ended up keeping it for their recently deceased EP “Agony Reborn“. In the Blue Corner we have Swiss Thrash overlords Algebra who recorded their version in 2019 as part of the sessions for “Pulse?“, the album before their recently released stunner “Chiroptera“. Who Wins? You decide!

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