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NEWS: Gorgatron reborn in agony!

Currently seeking a label for a freshly recorded new album, Fargo North Dakota Death Metal act Gorgatron have premiered a lyric video for the title track of the EP that precedes it in “Agony Reborn“. The band have based their sound on a mutual love of the riff, rooted in the Old School stylings of

Interview: Infected Rain talk “Ecdysis” with Metal Injection!

Ahead of the release of new album “Ecdysis” via Napalm Records, Metal Injection sat down with Lena Scissorhands from Infected Rain to discuss not only the album itself and the origins of its title but the scene in their native Moldova and her backstory including how she became a vocalist and her love of tattoos.

Bootleg: “Backstab Society” from TakaLaiton!

Recorded at Halondesign Studios in Kouvola Finland, Crossover Thrash act TakaLaiton have shared their performance of “Backstab Society” which first aired as part of the Metal Injection “Slayathome” series back in March. The original cut appears on the bands 2019 record “SisuKastraatio I and II” which we reviewed at the time and this one marks one

Documentary: Studio tour with Swallow The Sun!

Ahead of the release of their brilliant new album “Moonflowers” via Century Media this weekend, lead guitarist and founder member of Finnish Death Doom masters Swallow The Sun Juha Raivio has taken some time to take Metal Injection around his recording studio and through his prized possessions, amps and gear. The band will be touring

Bootleg: “The Architect’s Temple” from Hell:On!

Ukraine’s worst kept Death Metal secret Hell:On have shared a blistering performance of “The Architect’s Temple” cut from their set in the finale of Metal Injection’s Slay At Home series. The band unleashed what we described as “The finest moment of the career of Hell:On to date, “Scythian Stamm” is a temple to the Gods

Interview: Fear Factory talk “Aggression Continuum” twice!

After a weekend that saw a second single from the upcoming new Fear Factory album “Aggression Continuum“, their first in six years, today has seen not one but two interviews with guitarist and now arguably mastermind Dino Cazares appear. The first is with Heavy New York and the the second with Metal Injection as he

Documentary: “My Precious” with Ghost Iris!

Ibanez endorsed Daniel Leszkowicz, guitarist from Denmark based Ghost Iris loves an RGD71ALMS-BAM and why not? It’s a 7 string monster of a guitar! A week after his band dropped the brilliance that is new album “Comatose“, he shows off some of his prized possessions to Metal Injection. Fortunately he’s no hoarder but he does

Bootleg: Full Set from Slay At Home from Dead By Wednesday!

The success of the Metal Injection series Slay At Home has been absolutely incredible as they’ve worked with pretty much everyone who is anyone to get it off the ground and bring Metal to the Masses. The April incarnation saw this set from New Haven Connecticut bruisers Dead By Wednesday, who are riding high on

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder talk to Metal Injection!

While we continue to marvel at “Verminous“, an album that does the unthinkable in being on par with what many considered their finest hour in “Nightbringers“, The Black Dahlia Murder habe been doing everything except touring to try and promote the record. So vocalist Trevor Strnd takes a break from listening to Old School German Death