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Interview: Trivium talk “What The Dead Men Say”!

In this creature double feature of interviews, Trivium guitarist Matt Heafy talks to Metal Injection about their upcoming new album “What The Dead Men Say” as well as his Twitch channel, while bassist Paulo Gregoletto talks to Heavy New York about his approach to his instrumental, the bands history and of course that new album…

NEWS: King 810 run from the “Hellhounds”!

After yesterday’s mariana trench deep interview with Metal Injection, King 810 have premiered their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King” officially, having already received its live debut and been leaked online. It could be inspired by Nine Inch Nails, which might sound weird but why not?

Interview: King 810 talk to Metal Injection!

Frank from Metal Injection was granted an audience with King 810 frontman David Gunn for this deep interview as the band have begun to roll out their first new material since fourth album “Suicide King“. Topics of conversation include going from being independent to signing for Roadrunner Records and what life is like being from

Interview: Machine Head on Metal Injection!

Frank from Metal Injection caught up with Machine Head and Once Human guitarist Logan Mader in this insightful new interview. Topics of conversation obviously include the ongoing 25th Anniversary tour for “Burn My Eyes” but also what Mader would have changed in the past and the upcoming new Once Human album. For those that missed

Interview: Betraying The Martyrs talk to Metal Injection!

Metal Injection managed to get in 10 questions Betraying The Martyrs frontman Aaron Matts in this freshly released interview! Looking to put the bus fire that brought their US run to an abrupt end in the rearview mirror, the Symphonic Death Metallers will release “Rapture”, their fifth studio album on 13th September!

The Black Map #67: Cognizance from Leeds!

Keeping us in the North of England and taking us to Leeds and the home of a band for whom playing live is as rare as rocking horse s***. Having taken to the stage at the 2018 incarnation of UK Tech-Fest, Cognizance have exactly zero shows lined up for the arrival of their upcoming new

Interview: Employed To Serve talk to Metal Injection!

Frank from Metal Injection caught up with our very own Employed To Serve to talk about the state of the UK Hardcore scene, their favourite new bands and… The end of the World. It’s going to be like the end of Fight Club. Incase you’ve missed it, Employed To Serve will be dropping “Eternal Forward

Review: “Societal Sects” by Kinkshamer

NSFW band Kinkshamer make Progressive Metalcore around themes and concepts designed to put you, the listener outside of your comfort zone. Hailing from Pomona in Los Angeles County, California and currently comprising of duo vocalist Riley Rowe (who you may know as a Metal Injection writer and Famined Records PR dude – Famined Records being