Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! “The American Way”!

Celebrating the news that Thrash legends Sacred Reich will be upon our shores later this year… The title track of the Phoenix Arizona Thrashers second album, released in 1990 on Metal Blade Records and is so good that it got remastered in 2009 with additional tracks. Vocalist and bassist Phil Rind’s socially and politically aware lyrics are at the heart of the sound credited alongside the likes of Testament, Death Angel and Dark Angel as being the founds of the second wave of Thrash in the late 80’s.

In the Red Corner, we have Canadian Death Metallers Kataklysm, a band who had never done a cover of any sort in their 20 year career before this one dropped in 2013 as the bonus track on the digipack version of “Waiting for the End to Come”. When Nuclear Blast asked Phil Rind to check it out, he said “It’s just like a bull in a china shop stomping its way through”. In the Blue corner, we have North Wales, Pennsylvanian trio Black Magik! Possibly named after “Black Magic” by Slayer which also saw a cover on their 2011 album “The Conjuring of Three” they follow the classic Thrash lyrical themes of Apocalypse, Addiction, War and Murder before turning their craft to this cover. The deciding factor could well be Maurizio Iacono Vs Kevin Kelly on vocals. Who wins? You decide!

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