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Bootleg: Head In A Jar in Woy Woy!

Back on the road again, Sydney crossover Thrash masters Head In A Jar have shared their full pro-shot warts and all set from 23rd September at Link & Pink in Woy Woy, filmed by Shaye Fox of DMWC Films as part of a run of shows they’re calling the “Free From The Fridge Victoria New

Exclusive Interview: Catalysis talk “Innova”!

The rise of the Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis has been nothing short of meteoric as they’ve brought riffs galore to the Kings table, gradually building upon the concrete foundations of each prior release and when it seems impossible, outdoing themselves in the process. Their latest offering “Innova” is a stone wall classic

Review: “Innova” by Catalysis

If you haven’t been following the journey of Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis thus far then you won’t know that they formed in late 2016 and have been nothing short of prolific since, releasing a trio of studio EPs and a debut full length since 2017’s “Into the Unknown“. Returning to the tried

Bootleg: “Who’s To Blame” from Sacred Reich!

After an 18 year break the return of American Thrash lords Sacred Reich with “Awakening” via Metal Blade Records in 2019 with former Machine Head drummer Dave McClain in the fold was something we never thought possible. They’ll be upon our shores in November with Sepultura and Crowbar and are currently warming up for that

Bootleg: “City Of The Dead” from Catalysis!

One of the highlights of the summer of 2020 was “Lost Connection” from Scottish Groove Metallers Catalysis who managed to pull of something of a coup by getting former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel and Sacred Reich guitarist Joey Radziwill to drop guest solos pair of cuts. Here is “City Of The Dead” from that record,

Playthrough: “Autem” from Sepultura!

Continuing to show how good the Moises AI app is by allowing you to remove other instruments in order to play along, Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has given us a playthrough video for “Autem” from the Brazilian Thrash Gods current album “Quadra” with a little help from Otavio Rossato and Estevam Romera who assisted with

NEWS: Sepultura escape Isolation for Skull Island!

Having postponed their North American tour, Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura have announced a run upon our shores with both Sacred Reich and Crowbar as they look to take the impressive “Quadra” on the road for the first time after “Isolation” was the first single to make their live set at Rock In Rio. The shows are

NEWS: Catalysis premier “Devils In The Panic Room”!

Taken from their debut full length “Connection Lost“, Dundee Thrash Metal outfit Catalysis have shared a music video for “Devils In The Panic Room“. The album is an absolute Monster, released back in the summer with a pair of six string legends in Phil Demmel of Vio-Lence and formerly Machine Head as well as Joey

NEWS: Sacred Reich give us “Something To Believe”!

Showcasing pretty much everything that any fan of the band’s historic works could have wanted when they turned up with “Awakening” last year, an album produced by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy), engineered by John Aquilino, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Halford, Armored Saint) and coupled with the excitement of a

Playthrough: “Connection Lost” from Catalysis!

How Dundee Thrash Metal outfit Catalysis managed to pursude former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel and Joey Radziwill of  Sacred Reich to join the party that is their debut album “Connection Lost” escapes us but they did. Drummer Calum Rennie has recorded this playthrough for the albums title track, one of highlights of the summer.