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NEWS: Gorgatron strike three with “Absorbency”!

Purveyors of Death Metal since 2006, Fargo North Dakota natives Gorgatron are preparing to reap what they have sown on 21st June. That will be the date that their fourth album “Sentience Revoked” surfaces via Redefining Darkness Records and Blood Blast Distribution with “Absorbency” the third single. If their 2022 EP “Agony Reborn” is anything

NEWS: Gorgatron confirm album #4 for the summer!

It’s official. 21st June will see the fourth album “Sentience Revoked” from North Dakota Death Metal act Gorgatron arrive via Blood Blast Distribution. Limited to just 300 copies on 12″ vinyl in either black or gold, to tempt you into an all important pre-orders they’ve chosen “Blatant De-Evolution” as a brutal second single. So if

NEWS: Gorgatron premier “Conduit of Pain”!

Continuing the momentum they created with their 2022 EP “Agony Reborn” which was released via Nuclear Blast imprint label Blood Blast Distribution, 21st June will see North Dakota Death Metal five piece Gorgatron unveil their fourth album “Sentience Revoked“. That news comes with an obligatory single in “Conduit of Pain“, one of nine to make

Review: “Agony Reborn” by Gorgatron

Named after a character from the T.V. show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Fargo North Dakota Death Dealers Gorgatron have been a going concern since 2005 with original members in guitarist Paul Johnson (who has at times handled bass and vocal duties) alongside drummer Matt Johnson at the helm. Currently seeking a label for a freshly recorded

NEWS: Gorgatron reborn in agony!

Currently seeking a label for a freshly recorded new album, Fargo North Dakota Death Metal act Gorgatron have premiered a lyric video for the title track of the EP that precedes it in “Agony Reborn“. The band have based their sound on a mutual love of the riff, rooted in the Old School stylings of

NEWS: Gorgatron announce “Agony Reborn”!

Fargo North Dakota’s resident Death Dealers Gorgatron have announced the final installment of their deal with Blood Blast Distribution will be in the form of an EP titled “Agony Reborn“. Set for 4th November in digital and cassette formats, the later will be  limited to 100 copies and also includes four exclusive live tracks on