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Documentary: The Oral History Of Periphery!

Guitarists Mark Holcomb and Jake Bowen got dragged kicking and screaming to the Alternative Press studios by director Bobby Makar to present an Oral History of Periphery, from “Periphery I” to “Hail Stan” in just 38 minutes. How is that even possible? The Progressive Metal icons cut more than a few corners but needs must.

Documentary: Judiciary on Bus Invaders!

Also recorded last year and released today, this time on 20th November 2019, the Bus Invaders cameras entered the touring machine belonging to Judiciary outside The Empty Bottle in Chicago Illinois for this episode of Digital Tour Bus long running series. The band were on the road with Gatecreeper in support of their current album

Documentary: Machine Head create “Circle The Drain” #2!

5th February saw part #1 of a documentary about the making of a new Machine Head song entitled “Circle The Drain” with no release date inked and just snippets of the track in the video. Valentines Day, 14th February will officially see the track released on all your favorite streaming sites with a pre-save link

Documentary: Machine Head US “Burn My Eyes” 25th Anniversary Tour!

In this tour recap of sorts, as Machine Head burn their way across the US, they’ve put together a glimpse into tour life with “Burn My  Eyes” era drummer Chris Kontos talks about the sad passing of Corrosion Of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin, guitarist Logan Madder talking particle theory and even a cameo from Cannibal

Documentary: “Quadra” vocal tracking with Sepultura!

There is little doubt that in “Qudra“, Brazilian legends Sepultura have delivered one of the finest albums of the post-Cavalera era with each individual player at the top of his game. After the success of “Machine Messiah” it seems producer Jens Bogren has the ability to get the best out of them and none more

Documentary: Behind The Mix with Shadow Of Intent!

Quite where he finds the time we’ve got absolutely no idea but Leo Sypniewski has dropped another of his “Behind The Mix” educational experiences for a recent set from Shadow Of Intent. This time out he includes how he controls cymbal bleed in the vocal mics and with the Symphonic Deathcore band announcing shows upon

Documentary: Slipknot rig rundown!

Part interview and part documentary, The Captain from Andertons Music met Slipknot guitarist Mick Thompson prior to their show at the O2 Arena. Not only do they talk about his signature Jackson guitars and Omega Amp-Works amplifier as well as influences, but The Captain also gets to go behind the scenes of the bands backstage

Documentary: Writing “Aggressor” by Vredehammer!

The third studio album from Vredehammer entitled “Viperous” is going to be rearing it’s ugly head on 6th March with pre-orders available over at bandcamp. In this mini documentary, Mastermind Per Valla talks about the writing process behind first single “Aggressor” as well as taking the band live and what it’s like being endorsed by

Documentary: How to get Guitar tones like Gojira!

In probably the longest running saga since ‘The Walking Dead‘ Rabea Massaad of Toska fame is joined by Matt from Andertons Music to get together a rig to sound like Gojira without any form of budgetary concerns. As NASA watch on with envy, the pair take on the roles of Christian Andreu and Joe Duplaintier

Documentary: Machine Head create “Circle The Drain” #1!

It may have taken six months and with no formal release date, new Machine Head track entitled “Circle The Drain” has appeared in a quirky little making of featurette from mastermind Robb Flynn. The band themselves are currently still on the “Burn My Eyes” 25th Anniversary Tour with the latest on the exit of guitarist