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Documentary: “The Fracture Tapes” Part #3 from Bleed From Within!

“Into Nothing” is the subject of the third episode of “The Fracture Tapes” from Glaswegian Metallers Bleed From Within. The series sees the whole group having a chat about each track, talking about how it came together, favourite parts and what it means to them. If you missed it, their new album “Fracture” is out now

Documentary: “Seen It All” with Mushroomhead!

As “A Wonderful Life“, the first Mushroomhead album in six years has appeared via Napalm Records (Devildriver, Jinjer, Infected Rain) today, the band have gone back to first single “Seen It All” for a look behind the scenes. We’ve got a review of it dropping on Sunday, so keep them peepers peeled.

Documentary: Parents Reactions to Metal?

Ever wondered what it’s like when bands play their material to their parents? We can’t quite imagine Cannibal Corpse it Thy Art Is Murder doing it but Australian Metalcore act In Hearts Wake have done exactly that and shared their reaction. The track they’ve chosen is “Hellbringer” from their upcoming new album “Kaliyuga” for the

Documentary: Drum Tracking with Toothless!

Behind the scenes footage of Toothless drummer James Slattery tracking for the bands third studio EP “Misinformed” at Silver Bullet Studios has appeared today for the now month old release. The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvanians were joined by Justin Bonitz of Tallah fame who makes a guest appearance on “Grinner” and if you missed it, you can check it

Documentary: Dyatlove Recording At Rain City Recorders!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the self titled debut EP from Vancouver Canada’s Dyatlove then its morose Heavy Sludge overtones, recorded at Rain City Recorders with Matt Roach in just a few days are well worth your time. They shot this short and sweet making of video documenting the recording. Guitarist Rikki Jennings-Buford comments:

Documentary: Ice Nine Kills take their revenge on Disney!

Back in April, Connecticut Theatricore Masters Ice Nine Kills were set to play at The Walt Disney owned House Of Blues in Orlando Florida, but… the show did not go on (!) as the owners claimed the bands music was, “too evil for children”. Disney permanently banished the group from stepping foot anywhere on Mickey

Documentary: Red Handed Denial gear guide for vocals #1!

Part one of a two part special on how to record vocals from Red Handed Denial vocalist Lauren Babic dives right into the gear you need and she recommends for recording at home or in your rehearsal space. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she’s working on new material with her Progressive Metal act as

Documentary: Threering album #6 update #2!

It’s been a couple of months since studio update #1 so Las Vegas Nevada’s Threering have dropped an update on their progress as they work on album number six, the follow up to “My Last Words“. The video features no chat from the band, instead going all arty and flipping between the musicians as they perform