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Documentary: Van Life in the US #1 with Carcosa!

Despite dropping a new single in “Born To Lose”, Canadian Deathcore mob Carcosa are currently on a US tour with Within Destruction, VCTMS and Fox Lake. What does one do while on tour? Naturally if you’re a YouTuber as well as a musician like guitarist Andrew Baena you make a tour documentary. So part one

Documentary: The Making Of “Psychic Jailbreak” #2 from Cancer Bats!

While vocalist Liam Cormier was the focal point of the first of a three part making of documentary for the new Cancer Bats album “Psychic Jailbreak“, bassist and guitarist Jaye R. Schwarzer is the subject of the second. The Hardcore Punks have been announced beside Chelsea Grin, Pitchshifter and Loathe as playing 2000 Trees Festival

Documentary: Ingested on Bus Invaders!

It’s that time of the week again! The latest episode of the iconic Digital Tour Bus series Bus Invaders finds Manchester Death Metal merchants Ingested on “The Pain Remains” tour with Lorna Shore, Angelmaker, Ov Sulfur and Aborted as the bands arrived at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois. Vocalist Jason Evans takes us for

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Ex-Hail” with The Colony!

A behind the scenes featurette for the making of “Ex-Hail“, the first single and music video accompaniment for the upcoming new The Colony album “Have Hope” has premiered. It finds Kyle Littlejohn behind the camera for the lead single and the bands first new material since their well received 2019 album “Smoke And Mirrors“. A

Documentary: Rehearsals with Bring The Onslaught!

Soon to be participating in Metal 2 The Masses in Oxford for a chance to play the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival this summer are Bring The Onslaught. They’ve shared some behind the scenes footage from their first rehearsal of the year at West Star Studios as they build up to that

Documentary: The Making Of “Psychic Jailbreak” #1 from Cancer Bats!

The first of a promised three part series about the making of 2022’s “Psychic Jailbreak” by Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats has arrived on Planet Metal. The first without founding member and lead guitarist Scott Middleton who exited stage left in 2021 to focus on recording, mixing and mastering music out of his own studio

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Misery Index!

It’s no secret that one of our favourite albums of 2022 was “Complete Control” by Misery Index, the Baltimore Maryland Death Metal acts debut for Century Media after a twenty year career that started with EP “Overthrow” in 2001. In this latest episode of the Crazy Tour Stories series from Digital Tour Bus that was

Documentary: Black Metal Werewolf talks Battle Vests!

Alongside the recommendation of 2001’s “Poets And Madmen“, the eleventh studio album by American Heavy Metal act Savatage, Canadian Black Metal Werewolf has returned with a documentary featurette about the humble battle vest. Who doesn’t love a battle vest? It’s not a sales pitch either because while the World and his wife want to sell