Category: Documentary

Documentary: Monuments drum studio tour!

Taking a break from his weekly playthrough videos, Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has chosen instead to give us a tour of his drum studio complete with an introduction to some of the bespoke equipment he uses and more importantly the microphone and camera setup to ensure that if you wanted to get videos as good

Documentary: Napalm Next Door visits Canada and Sumo Cyco!

The latest episode of “Napalm Next Door” gives us a tour of an incredible brick church home belonging to Sumo Cyco with vocalist Sever. The band have a third album in the works that has been crowdfunded and has seen a clutch of singles released however signed to Napalm Records not that long ago, joining

Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #9 from Weaponry!

Entering the studio to on day one for most bands means tracking drums and that means sitting around, playing video games, browsing the World Wide Web and reading the latest on Metal Noise. It’s no different for our boys in Weaponry, who join Daly George at The Ranch Production House to record some new tracks

Documentary: Unprocessed studio update!

Using a line we’ve heard from the likes of Opeth, this studio update from German Progressive Metallers Unprocessed describe a song that’s heavy without being heavy. Confused? Well it seems they have some influences from the direction of CHON and Plini as well as Periphery. No dates as yet but they do have an April

Documentary: Nekrogoblikon: 8 Years of No One Survives: A NekroDOClikon!

It seems like yesterday but eight years after the music video for “No One Survives” from Nekrogoblikon went viral and sent them from playing to a handful of people to playing Warped Tour, the Californian Melodic Death Metallers have given us a full on documentary about how everything came together. If you haven’t heard, they’re

Documentary: Studio Updates from Arcaeon!

Everything may have all gone quiet on the Arcaeon front for a little while now, but the Reading and London based Progressive Tech Metallers have out of nowhere thrown not one, but two updates from the studio at us. For those not in the know, they have been writing and recording a follow up to

Documentary: Home Studio tour with Snakeblade!

Ever wondered what a home recording setup might look like for a solo project? The mastermind behind Canadian Black Metal act Snakeblade takes us through his recording rig for debut album “The Kingdom” in this new video, along with his guitars and more. It’s amazing what is possible on a small budget and just how