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NEWS: InRetrospect welcome us to heaven!

…with debut EP “Current State” releasing just around the corner on 10th June, now is the perfect time for Leeds based Progressive Metalcore outfit InRetrospect to release a new single. They’ve chosen “Safe Heaven” for the purpose from the six track affair that has strictly limited numbers of physical editions available here. Catch InRetrospect with

NEWS: Municipal Waste slice and dice!

Rather than hold on to release their vinyl at the same time as their new album, Crossover Thrash legends Municipal Waste are going with 1st July for “Electrified Brain” for everything else with 23rd September the date for everyone’s favourite format. They’ve given us a warning shot in the form of “High Speed Steel” from

NEWS: Upon A Burning Body live by the code!

With new album “Fury” offering something of a return to their Deathcore roots following some dabbling in Groove Metal, Texas heat bringers Upon A Burning Body have selected “Code Of Honour” for a classic pyrotechnic heavy music video. They’re currently on the Chaos & Carnage Tour stateside that sees Suicide Silence and  Carnifex co-headling with

NEWS: Get The Shot return with “Deathbound”!

What have we got to do to get Canadian Hardcore crew Get The Shot to play some shows here in the United Kingdom? Fans on the mainland of Europe have seen them but they never seem to hop across the pond… They’ve returned with Rob Watson from Lionheart to bring us “Deathbound” which will no doubt

NEWS: Cane Hill get out of line…

Having gone independent for a pair of EPs after departing from the Rise Records roster, New Orleans Louisiana Nu-Metalcore quartet Cane Hill have inked a deal with Out Of Line Music, the label home of Nu-Deathcore enthusiasts ten56. Ahead of their “The Krewe Du Sang” headlining tour with Afterlife, VCTMS and Mooring, they have dropped

NEWS: Sailor Hunter get given a life sentence?

They may have just unleashed their self titled EP today but Swedish Groove Metal act Sailor Hunter are no strangers to the scene. The Gothenburg based quartet earned their way to a deal with Inverse Records with 7 deadly singles for 7 deadly sins over the two years prior this moment. Celebrating the new five

NEWS: Thirteen Goats prepare for the purge!

Inspired by classic American Death Metal acts like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse with an evil tongue-in-cheek sense of humour Thirteen Goats are preparing to drive the World into chaos with their 1st July releasing debut album “Servants of the Outer Dark”. The first single from the nine track affair is “Return to Ruin”, which drives

NEWS: Mirari condemned to suffer!

The first single from “Wretched And Restless“, the debut EP from Texas Blackened Deathcore enthusiasts Mirari has surfaced from the black depths, coupled with artwork by Ardha Lepa having been recorded, mixed and mastered by Martyr Records. Titled “We Condemn” it is their first with new vocalist Daniel Eichelberger who just so happened to fill in

NEWS: We Struck Gold search for inner peace?

They might be calling it a new EP but Bristol Melodic Hardcore crew We Struck Gold will find that come 17th June when they release “Feel Nothing” that as it comprises eight tracks, streaming services will be listing it as a full length album. Either way, they’ve released a third high grade single from it

NEWS: Nekrogoblikon go bowling…

Bowling. Blood. Beer. Goblins. That’s the award winning combination that make for another classic music video written and directed by Brandon Dermer and starring Nekrogoblikon for “Bones” from their recently deceased album “The Fundamental Slimes and Humours“. It’s what happens when you put a group of bloodthirsty, Metal-loving goblins together in a confined space…