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NEWS: Within Destruction just want to be loved?

Tech-Fest bound Within Destruction are preparing for a new album and thrown us a new single by the name of “Hate Me” complete with a music video directed by Shun Murakami. On this evidence the Slovenian quartet aren’t going to be letting up any of the brutality that Artery Global delivered us with “Deathwish“!

NEWS: Voices Of Ruin announce album #3!

If you thought that Logan Mader’s career with Once Human and Machine Head as a guitarist meant that he had put his production work on hold, you’d be mistaken. At some point he’s found the time to do the job for Southern California Melodic Death Metal quintet Voices Of Ruin. 24th April will see their third

NEWS: Immerse return with “23/19”!

As previously teased on their social media, Bristol Metallers Immerse have tapped up Loki Films to help them create a music video for new single “23/19“. The track was mixed and mastered by George Lever and is their first new material since album “Suffer” which is out now via We Are Triumphant.

NEWS: Dealer bring the “Violent Stimuli”!

If you’re wondering exactly what an “Official Visual Video” is then look no further than this one for “Violent Stimuli” from Australian Monsters Dealer. They might not have played it live as yet but it won’t be long because it’s getting a lot of attention, taking pride of place on their new EP “Saint“. Be

NEWS: Engrossed get “Vicious”!

It pays to expect the unexpected. So when you hear about Ricky Lee Roper from Osiah making a guest appearance on a track from Russian natives Engrossed, famed for their slow downtempo Deathcore grooves, you’re not like… wtf?! Now before you say “That’s not a new song, ‘Vicious’ came out in 2014“, you’d be right.

NEWS: Reflections search for Ghosts?

Returning after a five year absence with a new album “Willow” which dropped today, Minnesota Progressive Metalcore act Reflections are celebrating with a music video for “Ghost” by Austin Scherzberg. You can grab yourself a copy of their fourth studio album and first with guitarist Logan Young over at bandcamp. We have a review of

NEWS: GroundCulture have long title in mind…

Directed by Zak Pinchin, GroundCulture have used a music video for “REALEYES” to confirm 1st May as the release date for their upcoming album “How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?” which will appear via Hopeless Records. Pre-orders for that are available here in all manor of flavors. Between now and then, 1st March will

NEWS: Raider are back on the high seas!

The first single Canadian Death Thrash outfit Raider have chosen from their upcoming 20th March “Guardian of The Fire” has appeared in the form of “Bound By No Fate“. The follow up to their debut EP “Urge To Kill” which dropped in 2018, the quintet have talked about how they evolved their sound: “We brought

NEWS: Monstaries debut “The Amygdala Chorus”!

Mancunian Technical Deathcore act Monasteries have been hinting at new single “The Amygdala Chorus” for a while now and have spared no expense with Loki Films shooting a music video and Myroslav Boris-Smith (Confessions Of A Traitor) recording, mixing and mastering at Jigsaw Audio. The track appeared via Slam Worldwide YouTube channel earlier today, it’s

NEWS: Rough Grind return with “The Die Is Cast”!

January saw Rough Grind debut “Snakes and Ladders” from their upcoming 4th March debut full length “Pieces Of Resistance” which will drop via Finnish label Inverse Records. So now they’re back with “The Die Is Cast“. Rough Grind are known for their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal, with their music featuring both