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NEWS: The Hopewell Furnace: The Year That Shred Saved Christmas!

Until 20th December there’s the opportunity to lend a hand to The Hopewell Furnace as vocalist Nikoli Giranda as the band raise money for Helping Hands in Hazleton Pennsylvania. The charity will then spend the money on lots of toys for little girls and boys making 2019 “The Year That Shred Saved Christmas“. Their GoFundMe

Playthrough: “The Nothing” by The Hopewell Furnace!

At Metal Noise it’s very much still 1877. That’s the debut EP from Pennsylvania quintet The Hopewell Furnace, a piece of Technical Deathcore mastery. Their first follow up single “The Nothing” has received the full playthrough treatment from Cillian Murphy aka Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow aka Josh Gretchen. Damnit, just who is behind the mask?

NEWS: The Hopewell Furnace debut new track… with Misstiq!

The Hopewell Furnace have dropped a big hint about what their new material will sound like. Featuring a guest appearance from Misstiq they’ve only gone and put out a brand new song in the form of a full lyric video! It’s entitled “The Day Of The Rope (Black Thursday)”. There is no time frame in place for the

Playthrough: “Coffin Notice Pt. II” from The Hopewell Furnace!

Almighty Technical Deathcore band that is The Hopewell Furnace have released a drum playthrough of “Coffin Notice Pt. II” from sticksman Jimmy Pino. The Pennsylvanian quintet hail from the wretched coal region and the track comes from their EP “1877” which is available here. Check out our review of that, if you’re in any doubt

Review: “1877” EP by The Hopewell Furnace

When you call a place like Eckley Pennsylvania home, things are fairly bleak. The center of the coal mining region of the American Northeast isn’t exactly the happiest of places at the best of times. But from trials come fire and brimstone and  The Hopewell Furnace have a reputation for dark, atmospheric and some even

Playthrough: “Insidious Bliss” from The Hopewell Furnace!

Zion Grove, Pennsylvanian Technical Deathcore brutes The Hopswell Furnace have taken it upon themselves to release a guitar playthrough for “Insidious Bliss”, the third song on their June released EP “1877”. Should you like what you hear, you can discover the quintet’s love of horror and classical metal with a twist over at bandcamp.