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NEWS: Desolated return with “Victim” and D Bloc!

It’s been a long time coming but it looks like 2024 will finally see a new album from Desolated, five years after their return with EP “A New Realm of Misery“. The Metallic Hardcore veterans reformed after a three year hiatus in 2019 and now feature Charlie Thorpe of Malevolence on drums, Tony Evans of Idle Hands on

Bootleg: Desolated at Donfest Leeds!

Pro-shot by Underground Metal legends David Tan and Sean Pitcam, here’s the headlining set from Desolated from the 10th Anniversary of Donfest at Eiger Studios in Leeds. It took place on 9th April, during which a music video was filmed for a new cut titled “Never Enough“, the social media for the recording stating “Leave

Bootleg: Desolated in Pheonixville Pennsylvania!

A pro-shot full set from Desolated at The Polish Club in Pheonixville Pennsylvania filmed on 29th April is a must watch for what has to be the final run of shows for their now three year old record “A New Realm Of Misery“. Perhaps they’ll start thinking about that after their November trip to The

Playthrough: Full Set from Desolated!

Pro-shot by 197 Media at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 23rd April, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Desolated. The Hardcore band are half past due a follow up to 2019 EP “A New Realm Of Misery” and have admitted to working on it since their return from their first US run

Bootleg: Desolated in Anaheim California!

Breaking America one venue at a time with “A New Realm Of Misery” are Desolated, a band who against all the odds arose like a pheonix from the ashes having previously called time on their career after a decade of destruction in 2017. In their early days they were considered a Deathcore act with lyrical

Bootleg: Desolated at Upsurge Festival!

Another one from the collection pro-shot by Underground Metal heroes David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Sean Pitcam at Upsurge Festival at New Cross Inn in London on Friday 14th January 2022 finds us pitting in our living rooms to the dulcet tones of Desolated. They returned from a three year leave of absence in 2019

Bootleg: Desolated in London!

We had the pleasure of witnessing a full set from the resurgent resurrected Desolated at the second incarnation of Upsurge Festival last summer when they more than lived up to their live reputation. Fast forward to November and they returned to the New Cross Inn and were once again caught on camera by David Tan.

Bootleg: “Death By My Side” from Desolated!

Pro-Shot by Snakebite TV at Manchester Rebellion on 17th November, here’s Desolated wrecking the joint with “Death By My Side“. Their hard hitting return in “A New Realm of Misery” is a welcome beast of an album and they have a headlinging tour lined up across Europe for April with a pair of UK shows

Bootleg: Desolated destroy Upsurge Festival!

The return of the much loved London Metallic Hardcore quintet Desolated to the scene with “A New Realm Of Misery” having previously seemingly called it quits in 2017, their set at London’s New Cross Inn during Upsurge Festival was like a homecoming. They’ll be back there on 16th November for a free show and to

Bootleg: Desolated at Return to Strength Festival XI!

Hell yes! Pro-Shot on 24th May at Return to Strength Festival IX by Niklas Marx and Niclas Breves of Edge Media, here’s a full set from the rejuvenated, reignited, reformed and back to blow your mind with some cuts from “A New Realm Of Misery”… Ah, yeah, it’s Desolated!