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NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm reimagined for a new nightmare!

Federico Ascari (Within Destruction, Defamed) has created a remix of “Dreaming Desecration” as the final release by Deathcore titans Signs Of The Swarm before they part company with Unique Leader Records. What are the chances of the announcement that they’ve signed with Napalm Records or Nuclear Blast in the not too distant future? The band

Throwback: “Mouth Sewn Prophet” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Skipping over the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day, either an opportunity for you to ask someone you’ve had your eye on to go for a drink or the height of commercialism ruining a decent idea depending on your point of view, it’s also Monday and that sucks, especially if you’re back to a nine to

Playthrough: “Death Whistle” from Signs of the Swarm!

Using Pearl Masters Maple Drums, Periphery drummer Matt Halpern’s Pearl signature bass snare, Zildjian cymbals, Evans drumheads and Vic Firth drumsticks, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Bobby Chow from Deathcore heavyweights Signs of the Swarm performing “Death Whistle“. Filmed on 17th January in Sacramento California at Goldfield Roseville during a show with Fit For

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm prepare the Hymn sheets…

…with a music video for “Hymns Ov Invocation” from their September drop “Absolvere“, a mighty beast of Deathcore brutality that will be celebrated across the US from Friday on a tour that sees them joining Born Of Osiris, Sentinels and Shadow Of Intent on what has to be one of the heaviest hitting runs of

Bootleg: Signs Of The Swarm in Lakewood Ohio!

As the album release party tour for “Absolvere” was in full swing with Signs Of The Swarm joined by Worm Shepherd before they hook up with Born Of Osiris next month, their set at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio was caught on camera by Leo Sypniewski. Including such delights as “Cesspool of Ignorance“,

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm hear the “Death Whistle”?

As the singles from Deathcore brutes Signs Of The Swarm continue to stack up like pancakes via Unique Leader Records, their 24th September via Unique Leader Records releasing album is fast becoming a more and more mouthwatering prospect. The latest of those singles is “Death Whistle” which features no guest appearances, Pittsburgh’s heaviest have given

Playthrough: “The Collection” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Filmed DIY at the home of drummer Bobby Chow during the recording sessions for the bands upcoming new album “Absolvere“, Signs Of The Swarm have shared a drum playthrough video for recent single “The Collection” with a rig comprised of gear by Snareweight, Vic Firth, Evans, Rowland, Shure, Pearl, Zildjian and Vratim. The cut itself

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm escape the “Hollow Prison”!

Undisputed Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon have lent vocalist Alex Erian to Signs Of The Swarm for blistering new single “Hollow Prison“. The cut is one that will be appearing on their upcoming fourth studio record, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Shadow of Intent, Cryptopsy, Ingested). Set for 24th September via Unique Leader, “Absolvere” is

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm climb the Totem?

Said to be a monumental and career defining  fourth album from Pittsburgh’s heaviest Deathcore brutes Signs Of The Swarm will take us on a dark conceptual journey into the realm of the human mind and the modern condition. Set for 24th September via Unique Leader Records, “Absolvere” features pulverising production from Christian Donaldson (Shadow of