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NEWS: Metal Alliance Festival set to save summer?

A group of European Festival organisers, including Bloodstock and Brutal Assault have got together to create an online Festival for this summer. An intriguing mix of bands is in the offering over the weekend of 7th-9th August including the talents of Butcher Babies, Alien Weaponry, King 810, Venom Prison and Spoil Engine. Tickets are priced

Bootleg: Alien Weaponry at Resurrection Fest 2019!

As this summer’s incarnation of Download Festival has now been cancelled it seems that many a European Festival run could hang in the balance, including that of New Zealand natives Alien Weaponry. They did however manage to get in some drum tracking for their next album before going on lockdown. Here’s their freshly released pro-shot

Interview: Alien Weaponry talk Maori roots!

Journalist Yadia Noya conducted an interview with New Zealand natives Alien Weaponry at Spain’s Resurection Fest 2019. Freshly ground, the topics of conversation include the bands Maori roots, what it’s like being minors in a World of adult music and while they’re at it, they perform the traditional Maori dance, the Haka!

Bootleg: “Kai Tangata” from Alien Weaponry!

Spain is the home of Resurrection Fest and as this summer’s incarnation approaches, the organisers have been throwing out tracks pro-shot at last year’s event to entice the Metal hordes into brining their friends this time out. Today’s offering is “Kai Tangata” from New Zealand natives Alien Weaponry who announced a run of club shows

NEWS: Alien Weaponry set to destroy June!

New Zealand Napalm Records signings Alien Weaponry will be heading over to Europe for some Festival shows this summer and have announced their off date club shows for June, which include a five date UK run. We’re expecting that Road Mutant will be salivating at the prospect of getting involved in this… 16th Bristol, The

Documentary: Alien Weaponry on Digital Tour Bus!

Filmed way back on 28th September 2019 at The Apollo Theater in Belvidere Illinois and held back until now, the Digital Tour Bus cameras hop on board with Alien Weaponry for the latest episode of their Bus Invaders series. At the time the New Zealand Thrash act were playing “Tu” in support of The Black

Documentary: Alien Weaponry Gear!

Nora wrote a track called “Nobody Takes Pictures Of The Drummer” for their classic Metallic Hardcore drop “Loser’s Intuition” back in 2001. It used to be a sentiment that was true but in 2019, drummers finally seem to get the credit they deserve. In this latest episode of Gear Masters Alien Weaponry sticksman Henry De

Documentary: The Black Dahlia Murder like Beef!

We’re not entirely sure that the tour bus wasn’t stationary, but in this latest episode of “Cooking at 65mph”, The Black Dahlia Murder bust out the pots and pans for Teriyaki Beef. Taking “Nightbringers” on the road with of all bands Black Label Society and Alien Weaponry, the Death Metallers stop at The Apollo Theatre

Documentary: Alien Weaponry on Gear Masters!

While they were at The Apollo Theater A.C. in Belvidere Illinois on 28th September, Alien Weaponry vocalist and guitarist Lewis de Jong spoke to the Digital Tour Bus cameras about his stage gear for this episode of their Gear Masters series. “Tu” is out now via Napalm Records and it’s taken the New Zealand Thrash

Playthrough: “As Good As Dead” by The Black Dahlia Murder!

The Black Dahlia Murder sticksman Alan Cassidy has released his very own drum cam footage – of himself performing “As Good As Dead” live on a recent tour! The Death Metal band are as tight as it gets live and with an impressive light show, the Detroit Michigan crew bring “Nightbringers” to life! We’re not