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Bootleg: Norma Jean in Baltimore 2002!

While some bands have a revolving door of musicians, getting to a point where there are no original members on a band is kind of weird. Not that any current line up of Norma Jean haven’t paid their dues and played their part in the bands history. It just seems strange to look back on

Bootleg: Norma Jean in Atlanta!

Filmed on “The Act” Tour headlined by The Devil Wears Prada here are some tracks from Norma Jean. We can’t be the only ones who raised an eyebrow when it was announced in May that guitarist Jeff Hickey was exiting the fold. But thankfully, new album “All Hail”, their second since returning to long time

NEWS: Norma Jean avoid the hard hats…

Capturing a chaotic live show for a music video is a classic staple of the Metal scene. We’d rather have live audio but… Beggars can’t be choosers. So here’s “Safety Last” from the new Norma Jean album “All Hail”, out now via Solid State Records! Here’s hoping for an early 2020 European Tour!

Documentary: Norma Jean talk “All Hail”!

In this latest episode of “Art Of The Record” from Kerrang Magazine, Norma Jean talk about recording their new album “All Hail” with the legendary Will Putney! The bands first album without lead guitarist Jeff Hickey will be out 25th October so keep them peeled for that.

Bootleg: Norma Jean in the K! Pit!

For those who don’t know, 25tb October will see “All Hail”, a brand new album from Norma Jean appear via Solid State Records! As part of the promotional work and their current touring run, they smashed set out at the Brooklyn New York dive bar The Gutter as part of Kerrang Magazine’s K! Pit series!