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NEWS: We Struck Gold search for inner peace?

They might be calling it a new EP but Bristol Melodic Hardcore crew We Struck Gold will find that come 17th June when they release “Feel Nothing” that as it comprises eight tracks, streaming services will be listing it as a full length album. Either way, they’ve released a third high grade single from it

NEWS: We Struck Gold fall on Dark Days?

After the recent celebration of the second anniversary of “All Life Is Divine“, Bristol Melodic Hardcore four piece We Struck Gold have unveiled a third single with similar artwork in 2022 in “Dark Days“. While the artwork maybe a shade darker this release cycle the band remain steadfast in their lyrical approach with themes of

NEWS: We Struck Gold return with “Giving Up On Giving In”!

As the third anniversary of “High Horse” approaches this weekend, Bristol Melodic Hardcore act We Struck Gold have shared a Loki Films shot music video for a brand new single called “Giving Up On Giving In“. Recorded and edited with Chuck Creese (Onslaught, Headlines) of Signature Sounds, it could have been on the back burner since

Playthrough: “To Conquer A Fear” from We Struck Gold!

After a momentary silence, We Struck Gold have let their drummer Scott Harris out of the rehearsal space to record a drum playthrough for “To Conquer A Fear“. It comes five years after the Bristol Melodic Hardcover act premiered their debut single “Deceived” and off the back of studio sessions that may have taken place

NEWS: We Struck Gold celebrate life itself!

For those that missed it, yesterday saw the release of a new EP from Bristolians We Struck Gold entitled “All Life Is Divine” and along with it a stream of “A Fallacy, That’s Not Me” via Dreambound. It’s the follow up to “To Conquer A Fear” and will no doubt have the boys itching to

NEWS: Time to “Embrace” We Struck Gold?

Putting out the second single since their August 2019 album “To Conquer A Fear“, Bristol Melodic Hardcore quartet We Struck Gold have announced that “Embrace” is actually the second single from a new EP. You’re not going to have to wait long for it either, it’s going to drop on 27th March, going by th