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Documentary: Annisokay at Olga’s Rock and Alcatraz!

Single “Throne Of Sunset” may have only surfaced from German Metalcore merchants Annisokay but that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing their series of Festival Vlogs. This time out they’re at both Olga’s Rock and Alcatraz, combining behind the scenes footage with moments captured during their sets. 22nd September will find label home Arising Empire

NEWS: Annisokay return to reclaim the throne?

Continuing the perpetual forward motion of German Metalcore merchants Annisokay, label home Arising Empire have shared another pre-release single in “Throne Of The Sunset” from the bands 22nd September releasing EP “Abyss Pt #1“. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by their guitarist Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings, it also includes “Calamity“, their Punk Goes Pop take

NEWS: Annisokay dance with Leony?

“Drag me down to the depths, you’re my calamity, Your touch is burning agony, I know I can’t escape reality, I’m falling into you, Drag me down to the depths, you’re my disharmony, The chaos and your symphony, I know I cannot escape reality, I’m falling into you”

Throwback: “Carry Me Away” from Annisokay!

While they may have only just released a new single in “Human“, German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have also celebrated the eighth anniversary of their album “Enigmatic Smile“. While some choose to pass up the opportunity and continually push forward, we always feel that a look back can be inspiring so here’s “Carry Me Away” from

NEWS: Annisokay suffer “The Tragedy”?

It seems that German Metalcore act Annisokay have bumped or had their new album “Aurora” bumped back from 4th December 2020 to 29th January 20201, the news being in the small print that comes with a new single entitled “The Tragedy“. The bands fifth studio record, the recording debut of new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer has

NEWS: The Bonfire of the Millennium with Annisokay?

5th November might usually be bonfire night, but 4th December is the day that German Metalcore crew Annisokay are claiming for the purpose with “Bonfire Of The Millennials” being the latest single from the bands fifth studio record “Aurora“, the recording debut of new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer, which appears that very day via Arising Empire.

NEWS: Annisokay set for the Northern Lights?

Staying in Germany, Metalcore merchants Annisokay have announced a follow up to 2018’s “Arms” called “Aurora” set for 4th December via Arising Empire. That might seem like a long way off but they’ve given us “Face The Facts” from it to get things going as well as opening pre-orders here. They are also set to

Playthrough: “Fully Automatic” from Annisokay!

German Metalcore act Annisokay dropped the impressive “Arms” via Arising Empire in 2018. September will see them return to Wiesbaden where footage of drummer Nico Vaeen performing “Fully Automatic” was captured on drum cam. New vocalist Rudi Schwarzer will be appearing at those shows and you can expect new single “STFU” to be in the