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Documentary: Aurora Tour 2022 Episode #1 from Annisokay!

Finally back on the road after much ado about nothing are German Metalcore merchants Annisokay. They have a deluxe edition of their album “Aurora” to play to packed houses and have got Felix Fröhlich behind the camera to document it all! Then there is new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer who everyone will have heard on the

NEWS: Annisokay have some good stories for us!

4th February will see Arising Empire release a special edition version of the current album “Aurora” from German Metalcore heroes Annisokay. The new version features nine live cuts including “Like A Parasite” and “Under Your Tattoos” as well as trio of remastered tracks. One of those has seen release today as a preview in “Good

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Time with Annisokay!

Endorsements in Metal can be the strangest of things. You’ve got the common ones involving gear like Amps, Pedals, Guitars and then you’ve got the more out there ones like Black Coast getting Yorkshire Tea. One of the more obscure ones we’ve come across is German Metalcore merchants Annisokay who have a single in “Time”

NEWS: Annisokay get a new time piece?

Never ones to turn down an opportunity to do something unique, German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have dropped a new single in “Time” that doubles up as the theme song for a wristwatch project of young watch maker Corazon Del Mar whose products you can find here. It’s the first new material to surface since the

Documentary: Annisokay in the Czech Republic!

A feature length documentary from German Metalcore merchants Annisokay finds the band in the Czech Republic for not only Rock For The People Festival but also Pell Mell Festival. The shows come as the band build on their reputation with “Aurora“, their first album with new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer that saw them forced to reschedule

Documentary: Annisokay at Rock Im Stuck!

German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have shared some pro-shot behinds the scenes footage from their return to the stage at Corasna Rock Im Stuck Festival. The open air set marks their first live show show nearly 12 months with their latest offering “Aurora” out now via Arising Empire. Fans socially distanced in pens is a necessary

Bootleg: “Under Your Tattoos” from Annisokay!

German Metalcore powerhouse Annisokay completed their first ever live streamed show this past weekend and from it they have shared “Under Your Tattoos”. It has served as the album release party for the bands recent Arising Empire drop “Aurora” which is set for a rescheduled European tour minus dates on Skull Island in February 2022. Before

Interview: Fan Q&A with Annisokay!

German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have been hosted by Impericon for a fan Q&A that sees them talk about their newly released new album “Aurora“, their first with new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer. The record was delayed by label Arising Empire as their originally planned European tour was pushed back, however this has meant a wealth of

NEWS: Annisokay got your tongue?

German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have unleashed yet another single from their delayed new album “Aurora“, which is now set for 29th January via Arising Empire. The single is entitled. “The Cocaines Got Your Tongue“, a tale from the life of new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer which will do doubt serve as an arena filler, while giving

Documentary: Annisokay live show vlog!

They may have been forced to delay their plans for a short while but German Metalcore merchants Annisokay have shared a behind the scenes video from one of just a handful of shows they did play in 2020. Captured by Felix Froholich it shows new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer playing table football before the announcement that