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NEWS: Frog Leap go Intergalactic with the Beastie Boys!

Putting on his serial killer mask Leo Moracchioli has chosen to Metalize “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys for his weekly Frog Leap Studios cover, which makes a refreshing change from much loved and much covered “Sabotage” and let’s face it, no one is bettering the Cancer Bats take on that. There is hope that Frog

Review: “Cause of Pain” by On Sight

Forming in 2016, January 2017 gave light to single “Public Enemy” as a teaser for their self titled debut EP the following May and with that New Jersey Hardcore wrecking ball On Sight had already established a platform for themselves. 2018’s two track affair “Fading Out” had fans clamoring for more and when the entered Landmine Studios

Bootleg: Crisix at Resurrection Fest!

Including a Medley of Beastie Boys, Iron Maiden, Pantera and Metallica songs here’s a full pro-shot set from Spanish Pizza Thrash Metallers Crisix at Resurrection Fest in Spain last year. Their comic book cover style and compilation of covers that is a tribute to American Thrash is brilliant and recommended.

NEWS: Leo Marcchioli covers Beastie Boys!

Leo Marcchioli has done us proud this week with a cover of the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage”. Perhaps taking inspiration from Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats or even KoRn and Slipknot‘s now infamous live version of the song. Either way, the Frog Leap Studio resident is joined by Anders Oferdal in Norway for the cut.