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NEWS: Catalysis march to the gallows!

Metalcore Machine Catalysis have shared another single from their upcoming new album “Betrayer” in “Gallows” as the build up to Dundee Winter Metal Fest 2023 and their album launch party continues. That will take place on 16th December with 11 bands set to join them including Bereavement and Certain Death. Pre-orders for the album, including

NEWS: Catalysis accept the blame?

Continuing to utilize the skills of videographer Dylan McVey, Dundee Metalcore merchants and Bloodstock favourites Catalysis have offered up a second preview of their sophomore album in “Betrayer”. That will see release on 15th December, having been mixed and mastered Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen and is adorned by artwork from Mark Cruncher. The second single

NEWS: Catalysis announce “Betrayer” with “Gone”!

Including a guest vocal appearance from Amy Wilkinson of Trauma Bonds fame, Dundee Metalcore merchants and Bloodstock favourites Catalysis have announced that 15th December will see the arrival of a sophomore album in “Betrayer” from them. That will feature no less than 10 fresh cuts with Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen chosen for the

NEWS: False Deity die and rise again!

Canton Ohio Zombie Slam act False Deity simply want you to buy them a beer. The quintet have premiered a second single in “Resurrection” from their upcoming and much delayed album “End of Days (Population Ø)” which was originally set for this summer and it has a distinctive Death Metal flavour. You can check out

NEWS: Betrayer cover Lorna Shore!

If it turns out that the revolving door of Lorna Shore vocalists is going to keep turning and Monument Of A Memory and former A Wake In Providence man Will Ramos, who replaced CJ McCreery for the bands run on the Faces Of Death Tour isn’t going to be the permanent replacement, then they need

NEWS: Betrayer (US) drop “Born Desolate”!

Winchester, Virginia Deathcore collective Betrayer look to have a 2020 album “Eternal Misery” in the works with a single “Born Desolate” recorded, mixed and  mastered by Dunamis Dynamics landing earlier today via Slam Worldwide. It’s the bands first new material since EP “Sacred Tongues” and will see them on a 10 show “The March of Death

Playthrough: “Hearing Voices” from Betrayer!

Downtempo Deathcore grooves like the slithering of snakes in the shifting Egyptian sands? Betrayer took their time to get “Sacred Tongues” right and it paid off in with a mighty fine sounding piece of work. Sticksman Kenny Williams was filmed at The Blue Fox in Winchester Virginia by Dunamis Dynamics performaning “Hearing Voices” for your

Playthrough: “Sacred Tongues” from Betrayer!

Filmed by Chandler Moity, here’s drum cam footage of Kenny Williams performing “Sacred Tongues“, the title track from the debut EP of Winchester Virginia Downtempo Deathcore groove heavy hitters Betrayer. That dropped back in March so if you haven’t heard it, check out our review and know that if features guest appearances from members of

Review: “Prison” EP by Oppressor

It must be with some pride that Sheffield Shredders Malevolence look upon their achievements to date. About to tour Europe with Knocked Loose, a third album on the way and a phenomenal live show reputation, their influence has been felt far and wide. But to see a band from South America representing with a t-shirt