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NEWS: Demonicera crawl out from under…

Having damaged our fragile minds with their “Blasphemous Thoughts” in the summer of 2021, Innsbruck Austrian Death Metal act┬áDemonicera (pronounced “Demonic Era“) have returned with “Crawling Through Flesh“. Their lips remain tightly sewn shut on whether this is a standalone cut or the first from a forthcoming EP or album but one thing is clear.

Review: “Blasphemous Thoughts” by Demonicera

Five years in the making and re-recorded in the summer of 2020 with new drummer Moritz Pik in the fold and the Great Plague reigning terror on the Globe, “Blasphemous Thoughts” could be considered something of a labour of love for Old School Death Metal act Demonicera (pronounced “Demonic Era“). The band was conceived in