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NEWS: Chelsea Grin search the limits of consciousness!

The next installment from “Suffer In Hell“, the first part of a double album from Salt Lake City Utah based Deathcore brutes Chelsea Grin has premiered in music video form with Eric DiCarlo (Bodysnatcher) from SquareUp Studios directing. The cut is titled “The Isnis” with the album dropping on 11th November ahead of second part

Bootleg: Bodysnatcher in St. Paul Minnesota!

There is nothing quite like a bit of Bodysnatcher to darken the mood with some anvil heavy Deathcore and courtesy of Leo Sypniewski here’s a pro-shot full set from them at the Amsterdam Bar & Grill in St. Paul Minnesota on 26th August as they continue to reign terror on our eardrums with new album

Documentary: Bodysnatcher Alpha Wolf Tour Update!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on the road with a Deathcore band? Florida natives Bodysnatcher have got you covered with this update from their run with Alpha Wolf that is like a snapshot of their day to day life, from donuts to lifting weights before ripping it up with cuts from new album

NEWS: Dr. Acula welcome us at the front door…

“Welcome To Dead House“, a second single from the highly anticipated upcoming self titled album from Dr. Acula has surfaced via Silent Pendulum Records. Set for a 28th October drop, the record features a guest vocal appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher fame in eleven fresh cuts which the band have promised has an over

Review: “Blood, Sweat and Stella” by Pintglass

After 2019’s “Way Of The Geeza” announced Pintglass to the World as a Beatdown Deathcore collective with Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Barney Warner of Replacer delivering tongue in cheek humour over a plethora of riffs and pummelling rhythms there seemed to be an air of a time limited side project to Pintglass

Interview: Bodysnatcher talk “Bleed-Abide” with Total Deathcore TV!

Bodysnatcher vocalist Kyle Medina too some time out from the bands busy touring schedule to talk to The Vulgar Display of Podcast from Total Deathcore TV about the bands new album “Bleed-Abide“, drummer Chris Whited’s 1776 Recordings and a whole load more. The interview has landed just a couple of days after the Deathcore titans

Documentary: “Bleed-Abide” Studio Update #2 from Bodysnatcher!

Three months after the first episode premiered it’s time to return to “Bleed-Abide” from Bodysnatcher for some more behind the scenes footage from the recording process. Since the first part aired not only has the album itself  surfaced from the blue lagoon of Deathcore but a pair of features about touring life have materialized as

NEWS: Dr Acula go in search of Bigfoot in Pasadena?

…with vinyl editions due out in the summer of 2023, 28th October will find a self titled album from the reformed Dr Acula making its way to our headsets. Intriguingly there is a guest vocal appearance on “The Barking Ghost” from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher while “The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena” serves as the first

Playthrough: “OD(e)” from Casketmaker!

Continuing to celebrate their EP “To Death“, a Deathcore classic mixed and mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited, Casketmaker have turned the camera on drummer Jake Minjoy for a playthrough video of one of the records standouts in “OD(e)” with a little help from Shane Mayer at Cerebral Audio. The band have announced and instrumental

Documentary: Bodysnatcher. Domino’s Pizza. Touring #2!

After the first three episodes of their tour diary for a run of shows with Dying Fetus, Chelsea Grin, Frozen Soul and Undeath landed on 30th May, part four has landed solo dolo as Melbourne Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher tear chunks out of the US with new album “Bleed-Abide“. On the subject of that ripper of a