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NEWS: Breakdowns At Tiffany’s get Animalistic!

Our German Metalcore heroes with the greatest name in the genre in 2021 Breakdowns At Tiffany’s have returned with a music video for “Animals” from their brilliantly brutal album “Eternal Lords“, a record delayed for once not because of the Great Plague but because the band are perfectionists. December 2020 marked the fourth anniversary of

Playthrough: “Unraveled” by Breakdowns At Tiffany’s!

The Germans are perfectionists so Breakdowns At Tiffany’s delayed the release of their current album “Eternal Lords” while they tightened up some elements in the studio, much like Arcaeon. The results however speak for themselves and the band dropped one of the finest Metalcore albums of 2020. Here’s drummer Daniel Heuken hammering through single “Unraveled“,

NEWS: Breakdowns At Tiffany’s begin to unravel…

Uncompromising German Metalcore titans Breakdowns At Tiffany’s have unleashed a Mirko Witzki directed video for “Unraveled” from their brilliant current album “Eternal Lords“. The quintet have announced they will be performing at Rock gegen Krebs in Bielefeld on 18th December, an event which is returning for the first time since 2019. If you haven’t heard

Review: “Eternal Lords” by Breakdowns At Tiffany’s

Following the brilliance of their sophomore album “Gravity” is no mean feat so German Metalcore act Breakdowns At Tiffany’s put back the release date for their third studio record until they were one hundred and ten percent happy with it. The result has meant staggered singles with the music video for the title track appearing

Playthrough: “Messenger” from Breakdowns At Tiffany’s!

While we wait for the upcoming and highly anticipated new album “Eternal Lords” from the brilliantly named Breakdowns At Tiffany’s, axe wielding duo Sebastian Dirckes and Florian Franzen have stepped out from Mega Blaster Recordings where the album is being Recorded, Mixed and Mastered to recorded a guitar playthrough for recent single “Messenger“.  

NEWS: Breakdowns At Tiffany’s send a “Messenger”!

There is a very good reason why we put “Eternal Lords” from Germany’s Breakdowns At Tiffany’s on our most anticipated releases of 2020 list between Christmas and New Year alongside the likes of Loathe, Polaris and Mushroomhead. That is the quality of the singles they have released so far. “Into The Abyss” and the album

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020!

The Metal Noise Award Season is in full swing with our short lists appearing daily between Christmas and New Year that look both back upon the Metal World of 2019 and forward to what 2020 may bring. Today we’re looking at our Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020, which actually includes more than one

NEWS: “Into The Abyss” with Breakdowns At Tiffany’s!

And I said, “What about Breakdowns at Tiffany’s?” She said, “I think I remember the film and as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it” And I said, “Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got!”¬† The Krefeld Germany Metalcore crew have probably heard that joke a few times but it’s hilarious, so why