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Documentary: Brutal Assault Festival Aftermovie!

Accompanied by music from Horrible Creatures, Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic have shared an Aftermovie documentary about their mini Festival Josefstadt. So far only footage of cuts from Peter Tägtgren’s Swedish Death Metallers Hypocrisy set have emerged but more is expected in the not too distant future. This year would have marked the

Playthrough: “Your Treachery” from Dying Fetus!

We’re not going to play a game of who’s the better drummer but for our money their has to be a cigarette paper between the skills of Kevin Talley and Trey Williams in American Death Metal legends Dying Fetus. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Williams at Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic on 9th August

Bootleg: Vampillia at Brutal Assault!

It was the summer of 2019 and blissfully unaware that there would be no festivals Worldwide for a year (or more), the masses descended on Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic for their annual pilgrimage to a Metal Mecca. From that event, here’s the brutal orchestra Vampillia and Art Black Metal electronic music project Violent

Bootleg: Exhorder at Brutal Assault!

The 23rd incarnation of the finest gathering of Metal Heads that the Czech Republic has to offer, otherwise known as Brutal Assault Festival in 2018 saw the return of New Orleans Louisiana Groove oriented Thrash act Exhorder with vocalist Kyle Thomas the last original member standing. The new line up were preparing the ground for

Playthrough: Dying Fetus at Brutal Assault!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Dying Fetus drummer Trey Williams playing “Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog” at Brutal Assault Festival in 2018 is music to our ears. The annual meeting of Metal minds in the Czech Republic is set to go again in 2021 with Asphyx, As I Lay Dying and Malevolence all

Bootleg: Anthrax at Brutal Assault!

Last summer’s incarnation of Brutal Assault festival marked its 24th Anniversary so pulling out all the stops and got Big Four Thrash Kings Anthrax on the stage. Culled from their set, here are “Now It’s Dark” and “A.I.R.”, pro-shot all the way. If you don’t count the 30th Anniversary edition of “State Of Euphoria” and

Documentary: Brutal Assault Festival #24!

Ever wondered what it’s like to head over to Mainland Europe for a summer Festival? The choice is endless with the classics like Wacken or With Full Force attracting huge turn outs and big name bands year on year. The 25th Anniversary of Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic in August will see the likes

Playthrough: Dying Fetus “Praise The Lord”!

Filmed at Brutal Assault Festival at Jaromer in the Czech Republic on 9th August, here’s Drum Cam footage of Dying Fetus sticksman Trey Williams performing “Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses)”. The song originally appeared on the bands critically acclaimed 2000 release “Destroy the Opposition” which was #89 on Decibel Magazine’s 2012 “Hall of