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Bootleg: “Heimdal” from Enslaved!

Filmed at the UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall in Berkeley California on 21st April, here’s the title track from the new Enslaved album “Heimdal“. It comes courtesy of Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV with the show being part of the bands ongoing co-headlining US run with Insomnium which has Black Anvil opening. It’s

Bootleg: Candlemass in San Francisco California!

A holy trinity of cuts in “Under The Oak“, “Mirror Mirror” and “The Well Of Souls” from Candlemass at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco California on 14th March has appeared courtesy of Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV. It finds the Epic Doom Metal masters continuing their trek across the West Coast of the

Bootleg: “Blinded By Fear” from At The Gates!

Filmed by Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV in Berkeley California on 20th August, here’s “Blinded By Fear” from the legendary At The Gates as the highly influential Swedish Melodic Death Metal masters play their seminal “Slaughter Of The Soul” in full. The band will be upon our shores on 20th November with In Flames, Orbit

Bootleg: Vio-Lence in Oakland California!

The return of the much loved, talked about and missed Vio-Lence has been an interesting one to follow but their new EP “Let The World Burn” has proven that they still have plenty of gas in the tank and won’t simply be a nostalgia act going forward. The Thrash Metal overlords were caught on camera

Bootleg: Dying Fetus in Oakland California!

Signed, sealed and delivered in triplicate by Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV, here are at trio cut from the set of Dying Fetus at The Starline Social Club in Oakland California on 17th May. It may have been five years since 2017’s “Wrong One To Fuck With” landed on us but then it was

Bootleg: Gatecreeper in Oakland California!

Curtesy of Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV, a pair of cuts from the 12th May Oakland California stop at the Starline Social Club of the current Gatecreeper tour have surfaced. The Old School Death Metal quintet based out of Arizona have been ripping up the road with Narrow Head, 200 Stab Wounds and Fearing

Bootleg: “Clickbait” and “A Lesson In Violence” from Exodus!

Courtesy of Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV here are “Clickbait” and “A Lesson in Violence” from San Francisco California Bay Area Thrash legends Exodus in Oakland on 6th March. The later of the two sees the band joined by Robb Flynn from Machine Head no less with new album “Persona Non Grata” once again

Bootleg: “Kafir” from Nile!

Filmed at the Cornerstone in Berkeley California on 16th February by Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV, here’s American Death Metal Kings Nile performing “Kafir” from their 2009 classic “Those Whom the Gods Detest”, a landmark album in the bands career as they approach 30 years on the scene. The show itself is part of a