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Bootleg: “Forgiven Not Forgotten” from Catalysis!

Courtesy of Will Ryan and The Doomsday Report, here’s multi cam footage of Scottish Metalcore merchants Catalysis performing “Forgiven Not Forgotten” at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. The band have just dropped a new EP in “Innova” as they continue a prolific hot streak and so naturally they also spoke to them in this in depth

Exclusive Interview: Catalysis talk “Innova”!

The rise of the Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis has been nothing short of meteoric as they’ve brought riffs galore to the Kings table, gradually building upon the concrete foundations of each prior release and when it seems impossible, outdoing themselves in the process. Their latest offering “Innova” is a stone wall classic

NEWS: Catalysis premier “Before The Fall” video!

Scottish Groove Metallers Catalysis continued their prolific hot streak with new EP “Innova” and have offered up a music video from “Before The Fall” from it to get you… Into the Groove… with a little help from Marc Sharp Visuals. If you missed it and want to know what we thought before diving in, feel

Review: “Innova” by Catalysis

If you haven’t been following the journey of Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis thus far then you won’t know that they formed in late 2016 and have been nothing short of prolific since, releasing a trio of studio EPs and a debut full length since 2017’s “Into the Unknown“. Returning to the tried

Bootleg: “A New Way To Die” from Catalysis!

Returning to the stage Scottish Groove Metallers Catalysis have shared footage of “A New Way To Die” at The Twa Tams Music Bar in Perth on 22nd October. The cut is one from their EP “Relicta” and was chosen for the music video treatment before the release, one we not only reviewed but interviewed the

Exclusive Interview: Catalysis talk “Relicta”!

It’s often said that idle hands are the Devil’s workshop and so while others but their musical endeavours on hold until they can play shows to packed venues once again, Dundee Scotland Groove Metallers Catalysis have instead gone against the grain, defied the naysayers and dropped an EP in “Relicta” less than a year after

Review: “Relicta” by Catalysis

The words “highly anticipated” are used all too often in many circles but when it comes to the latest offering from Catalysis they are the understatement of the year. In 2020 the band raised the bar with their debut full length album “Connection Lost” after a pair of EPs and brought with them a pair

NEWS: Catalysis find “A New Way To Die”!

“From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you… until now” ~ Highlander As with their ferocious 2020 album “Connection