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NEWS: God Syndrome take on Gorefest!

Throughout their career Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome have been known for some anvil heavy covers, taking on all time classics from the likes of Megadeth and Sepultura┬ábut the last few months have seen them change the game with a “God Syndrome Plays” series. This time around they’ve plucked “For The Masses” from Dutch

Review: “Cover Compilation” by God Syndrome

A Melodic Death Metal act formed in Samara Russia in 2011, God Syndrome take influence from the Death Metal scenes in America, Sweden and Poland to create their sound which is highlighted as they pay tribute to their heroes with this covers EP. The band consists of Vocalist Pavel Bamburov, guitarist Sergey Aksenov, bassist Dmitry

Playthrough: “Cataclysm Children” by God Syndrome!

We’ve been fans of Russian Melodic Death Metal brutes God Syndrome since 2016’s “Controverse” album and back in May they unveiled a covers complication EP of note. Included on the track listing is a rendition of “Cataclysm Children” by Dimmu Borgir that features a guest appearance from Elena Feneva who adds keyboards and soundscapes and

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2020!

Probably the toughest of the categories in 2020 with the digital age lending itself to bands releasing runs of high grade explosive singles rather than committing to a full album or EP. That being said, the floor is clear, we can only pick five due to a short attention span so without further ado; of

Planet Metal #2: Mother Russia!

The second installment of our Planet Metal series sees us traveling from Italy to Russian shores to provide you with five bands from the region that we think are very much worthy of your time as they have demanded our attention over recent releases. From Death Metal to Progressive Technical and Deathcore, these bands are

Bootleg: “Summon The Sun” from God Syndrome!

Russian Melodic Death Metal brutes from Samsara God Syndrome may have only released the one single in 2020 in “Still Depraved” but serves as a reminder of just how good they really are as they approach a decade together. If further reminder is needed, we return to the brilliance that is 2016’s “Controverse” album for

NEWS: God Syndrome are “Still Deprived”!

It’s been 16 long months since “The Feast” appeared as a stand alone single from Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome, but they have been in the studio and the result is “Still Deprived“. The single marks their third since 2018’s cover compilation EP and it sees them in top form! You can snap it

NEWS: God Syndrome are “Still Depraved”!

Having been slumbering for a little while, Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome have delivered on their previous social media tease with a new single. It marks just their second since their hellishly good 2016 album “Controverse“, going by the name “Still Depraved” and comes just four days after the birthday of their frontman Pavel

Bootleg: God Syndrome share full set from 2019!

Including “The Fortress Of The Ash“, “Heaven Found Underground” and “Dark Sand” here’s an official pro-shot full set from Russian Melodic Death Metallers God Syndrome. They may have only released a handful of singles since their 2016 album “Controverse” but “Feast” seems to be the start of a new chapter. You can check out their

NEWS: God Syndrome want to “Weed Out The Weak”!

Extreme Melodic Death Metallers God Syndrome have released a new single entitled “Weed Out The Weak”, a cover of the Hypocrisy classic for Halloween! The Russian quartet have been busy in the studio of late, having released a cover of “Cataclysm Children” by Dimmu Borgir at the end of September. It wouldn’t be the first