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NEWS: Crisix say yes to full fat, high caffeine and full HD!

Ahead of a wealth of tour dates that will run from March to August and see them sharing stages with Insanity Alert before embarking on a Festival run that will include Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic, Spanish Thrash overlords Crisix have shared a music video for “Full HD“, the title track of their

Bootleg: “Creeping Death” from Crisix!

The party has started for Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix as new album “Full HD” has been launched by Listenable Recordings into the seven seas of Metal so playing World Needs Mosh Fest 2022 in Bilbao Spain the band have shared footage of a jam of “Creeping Death” by Metallica which sees them joined by Evile

NEWS: Crisix do the Macarena Mosh!

When it comes down to Thrash bands who do tongue in cheek humour really well, Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix are cut from the same cloth as Municipal Waste and with a week to go before their new album “Full HD” appears via Listenable Records, they’re doing the Macarena… And no Los Del Río aren’t involved. So

Documentary: “Full HD” track by track #1 with Crisix!

The first episode of a track by track series for the new album “Full HD” from Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix takes us through the stories behind  a trio of its juicy cuts in “The Many Licit Paths“, “Extreme Fire Hazard” and “Full HD” with two weeks before it  appears via Listenable Records. We’ve already had

NEWS: Crisix See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak…

Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix have thrown a bloody new music video at us for single “Speak Your Truth” from “Full HD“, a new album set for 15th April via Listenable Records having announced more tour dates than you have ever seen in your life to take them to a summer Festival run that will include

NEWS: Crisix go guest crazy with “W.N.M United”!

Sparing no expense Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix have brought on board with them no less than ten heroes from the New Wave of Thrash Metal in John Kevill (Warbringer), Poney (Violator), Nick (SUICIDAL ANGELS), Philly (GAMA BOMB), Diva Satánica (NERVOSA), G. Izquierdo (Angelus Apatrida), JB (BONDED BY BLOOD), Lenny (DUST BOLT), Rick (FUELED BY FIRE),

Documentary: The Pizza EP Movie from Crisix!

You might want to get some snacks in before pushing play on this one as ahead of the 10th September drop for “The Pizza EP” from Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix they’ve shared a full blown making of featurette that clocks in at 16 minutes. Curiously the release of the movie coincides with the appearance of

Documentary: A Coffee with Crisix?

Complete with s***ty subtitles, Spanish Thrashers Crisix invite you to join them for a coffee… in their car. The band have not only announced a new EP for September this week to coincide with some shows with Insanity Alert but have also thrown us the first single from that in “World Needs Mosh“. What more

NEWS: Crisix know “World Needs Mosh”!

Megadeth may have inked “The World Needs A Hero” 20 years ago, but Spanish Thrash Kings Crisix know better. Listenable Records have faith and have chosen “World Needs Mosh” as the first single from the bands 10th September releasing “The Pizza EP“, giving it the complete music video treatment. Rest assured there is no Pineapple