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Review: “Into The Maze” by AGLO

Wearing his love of Star Trek and in particular The Borg on his sleeve, Australian multi instrumentalist Aaron Osborne has picked up where he left of with “Into The Maze” from Sludge fuelled Death Metal solo project AGLO as if he never left the studio after the recording of debut EP “Collector“. In point of fact

Review: “Self Titled” by Azken Auzi

Searching for catharsis and an outlet through which to explore the darker and tormented side of their understanding of music, a trio of seasoned veterans known for their work in Death Metal act Maniac and Noisy Rock outfit Tom Is Fat, embarked on a journey into Sludge infused Doom Metal. Taking the moniker Azken Auzi, meaning

Documentary: Tommy Buckley from Crowbar on Gear Masters!

During the summer when Crowbar and Spirit Adrift joined forces for a US run, there was a stop at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois and you know that the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for an episode of their Gear Masters series. Drummer Tommy Buckley, also of Soilent Green fame gives us a

Documentary: Crowbar on Gear Masters!

There are iconic guitar tones and then there is the sound of NOLA Sludge Metal pioneers Crowbar. The legend that is Kirk Windstein reveals all from the Amp to the Pedal Board as he goes over the gear he uses on stage in this latest episode of Gear Masters from Digital Tour Bus. Filmed on

Review: “Self Titled” by Burker

“Burker is the bastard son of a broken society and the creative angst of its mutant misfits. The lyrics are the putrid prophecies of a lunatic’s fever dream. The music is as hauntingly beautiful as it is baleful and their sermons are guttural lullabies for the lost children of this lurid world.” ~ Burker

Documentary: Crowbar on Bus Invaders!

If you haven’t already worked this one out like Jessica Fletcher, the Digital Tour Bus cameras are always rolling in Chicago Illinois. The latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series finds them at the Cobra Lounge on 30th July where Sludge Metal legends Crowbar had pulled up while on tour with Spirit Adrift in

Bootleg: “Disposable For You” from En Minor!

Perhaps best described as Depression Eock music, the work of En Minor is a change of pace for the New Orleans Louisiana collective that perform on 2020’s “When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out“. Long time friends and accomplices of Philip H. Anselmo in Kevin Bond and Jimmy Bower are part of

Bootleg: Crowbar in Brooklyn New York!

After a week which has seen drummer Tommy Buckley join Heavy New York and Total Deathcore TV for interviews, Maximum Volume Silence have provided us with a pro-shot full set from Crowbar at the iconic Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York. Filmed on 9th August, it finds the band playing a career spanning set

Interview: Crowbar talk “Zero And Below” with Total Deathcore TV!

After his insightful interview with Heavy New York last week Crowbar and Soilent Green drummer Tommy Buckley does likewise with Total Deathcore TV in this fresh one, best served cold with a whiskey chaser. Best make that two. The topics of conversation are obvious ones with the very well received “Zero And Below” to be