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Documentary: Restring with Chimaira!

The original Chimaira ESP Viper is a thing of beauty so to get the opportunity to witness guitarist Rob Arnold restringing it and sharing some tips, tricks and anecdotes about the Cleveland Ohio bruisers past is definitely something that brightened up our day. Believe it or not, 2nd October will be the 20th Anniversary of

Documentary: “The Age Of Hell” by Chimaira

As the final Chimaira album to feature guitarist Rob Arnold approaches it’s tenth anniversary, he gets together with vocalist Mark Hunter to discuss 2011’s “The Age Of Hell“. Everything from working with former Switched vocalist turned Producer Ben Schigel to vinyl editions and how Hunter chooses his vocal style are all in the mix with

Playthrough: “Pictures In The Gold Room” from Chimaira!

So much more than a playthrough, the man, the myth, the legend that is Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has given us a full on guitar lesson for “Pictures In The Gold Room” from the bands sophomore major label record “The Impossibility of Reason“. Incase the imagery doesn’t give it away, the song lyrically takes its

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Chimaira Christmas 10!

Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has been producing amazing quantities of quality behind the scenes footage of the band which hasn’t seen the light of day since it was filmed for whatever reason. Today is no different as he travels back in the Bill and Ted phone booth to 2009 and Chimaira Christmas 10. Pre-Show and

Bootleg: Chimaira in Minneapolis!

Another pro-shot full set from Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold’s personal archive sees the band decimate Minneapolis Minnesota back in 2004 with new drummer Kevin Talley on board. The set is from “The Impossibility of Reason” touring cycle and is shot in multicam style with cuts like “Sp Lit” and “Power Trip” being particularly impressive.

Riff Police! Pull Over! #119: Chimaira Vs Pantera!

Back in 2011, Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira were down to the last man standing in vocalist Mark Hunter. A gradual exodus of members started with bassist Jim LaMarca in 2010 before drummer Andols Herrick did likewise. The band regrouped with “The Age of Hell” but soon the writing was on the wall with guitarists Matt

Documentary: “The Resurrection” from Chimaira!

2007 saw Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira unleash their fourth studio record “The Resurrection“, their first since departing Roadrunner Records. Following last week’s interview with Andols Herrick, guitarist Rob Arnold has given us the documentary shot around the recording of the album. It saw Herrick return the fold to replace former Dying Fetus sticksman Kevin Talley.

Throwback: “Nothing Remains” by Chimaira!

After the huge success of their sophomore studio album “The Impossibility Of Reason“, Cleveland Ohio Metallers Chimaira returned to the studio in 2004 for their one and only album with Kevin Talley known for his work with Dying Fetus and Misery Index gracing the drum stool. A bruiser of an album with longer, heavier tracks

Playthrough: “Pleasure In Pain” by Chimaira!

With frontman Mark Hunter surviving a health warning, another member of Chimaira has returned to Metal Noise. Guitarist Rob Arnold has gone back to 2007 to record a playthrough video for “Pleasure In Pain” from their album “Ressurection” while also taking a moment to point a finger at the record labels for taking all the