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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Spit.

Their can’t be many people on Planet Metal who don’t know the true underdog story of David and Goliath. There are a few different variations on the basic tale, but essentially a warrior Giant changes Saul for 40 days to send out a man to fight him. No one would dare, until David, armed only

Playthrough: “Toska” by Curses!

There is nothing quite like a five string bass and in the hands of Michael Olivares from West Virginia Progressive Metalcore outfit Curses, the instrument becomes an extension of his body. He’s returned to King Studios, a regular haunt of the band, for a playthrough video for “Toska” edited by Pathogen Productions with the song

Playthrough: “Amethyst” from Curses!

Believe it or not it’s been early a month since West Virginia Metallers Curses unveiled their sophomore album “Chapter II: Bloom” via SharpTone Records. To celebrate guitarist Davey Nicewander has been at King studios to record this guitar playthrough video for “Amethyst“. November 2018 was when the tracking started after demos at the very same

Playthrough: “Wu Wei” from Curses!

An “attitude of genuine non-action, motivated by a lack of desire to participate in human affairs” or “Wu Wei” is the title of the Curses single choses for a drum playthrough video recorded at King Studios. Shane Cyrus does the deal with the bands new album “Chapter II: Bloom” dropping via SharpTone Records this time

Interview: Curses talk “Bloom” with Heavy New York!

…with their sophomore album just around the corner on 7th August via SharpTone Records, West Virginia Metallers Curses spoke to Heavy New York about all things “Chapter II: Bloom”. It quite literally represents the next chapter for the band after 2017s “Chapter I: Introspect” which features a guest vocal appearance from Spencer Sotelo of Periphery gave

NEWS: Curses visualize “Amethyst” ahead of “Bloom”!

It’s possible that some people may have forgotten about Curses. They rose to prominence with their debut album “Chapter I: Introspect” which features a guest vocal appearance from Spencer Sotelo of Periphery back in 2017 and are set to return with “Chapter II: Bloom” out 7th August. The album will be appearing via SharpTone Records