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NEWS: Distant get cursed for Damnation Festival?

An unexpected but razor sharp new single from Rotterdam Downtempo Deathcore machine Distant has followed the news that they will be joining the weighty line up reigning terror on Europe this winter as Polish Death Metal pioneers Decapitated co-headline with Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon in November. Joining them on the road to Damnation Festival will be

NEWS: In times of peace, Distant prepare for War…

On the eve of the release of their highly anticipated new album “Aeons Of Oblivion“, Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant have unleashed a music video for the title track. It features a guest vocal appearance from Adam Warren of Oceano fame who joins the 12 legged, three guitar operating monster for the vicious little

NEWS: Distant escape “The Tyrants Convenant”!

Joined by Kyle Anderson of Brand of Sacrifice fame, Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant have given us another flavour of their upcoming album “Aeons of Oblivion“, set to ignite the towering inferno on 11th June via Unique Leader Records. Entitled “The Tyrants Convenant” it follows “Vermillion Rivers” out of the gate from a band

NEWS: Distant unleash “Rituals: Rakva & Vermillion Rivers”!

Where do you begin with how prolific Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant have been of late? The dark  brilliance of in October 2020 EP “Dawn Of Corruption” was one thing, March 2021 EP “Dusk Of Anguish” was another but… this summer will see a full length album “Aeons Of Oblivion” drop like a concrete

NEWS: Distant get nasty with “Graveborn”!

Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore six piece collective Distant have premiered a lyric video created by Motus Insanium that combines a nasty Science Fiction Horror Movie vibe with the lyrics to “Graveborn” and contains flashing lights and high contrast dark and light patterns and so viewer discretion is advised. It’s the next one to escape the gates

NEWS: Distant prepare for the “Dusk of Anguish”!

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and so despite dropping the brutally good “Dawn Of Corruption” in October, Distant have set 19th March 2021 for a new record. That is called “Dusk of Anguish” and will appear via Unique Leader Records with pre-orders available over at bandcamp. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also given us

Playthrough: “Temple of Talgaroth” from Distant!

Bone crushing Rotterdamn Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant are continuing the promotional cycle for their Unique Leader Records album “Dawn of Corruption” with a guitar playthrough for “Temple of Talgaroth“. Former Rising Conflict guitarist Eise Smit joined the band alongside new drummer Jan Mato, formerly of Shrill Whispers early in 2020 and both deliver impressive displays

NEWS: Distant hail the “Dawn Of Corruption”!

If you thought that Downtempo Deathcore monsters Distant couldn’t recreate the cover art from their deeply evil new record “Dawn of Corruption” and somehow make the protagonist look even more like the Statue of Liberty… well… just check out the music video which has surfaced from the black depths of the New York Harbor via

Review: “Dawn of Corruption” by Distant

Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant hail from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Bratislava in Slovakia, a six piece outfit who in their words perform the dark hymns of the fallen kingdom for listeners to experience the atmospheric despair and the grotesque void to come, emotional, evil and ruthless. After numerous tours around Europe and their debut EP

Playthrough: “Oedipism” from Distant!

Rotterdam Netherlands Slamming Deathcore brutes Distant have their sights locked and loaded on 23rd October to pull the trigger on “Dawn of Corruption” via Unique Leader Records. Single “Oedipism” surfaced a week ago and now their new drummer Jan Mato, officially announced after the single dropped. Formerly of Shrill Whispers, he shows us how it’s