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NEWS: Mind Power return to a classic in “Mess”!

Fast approaching its second anniversary “Self Torture” from Wilkes-Barre Groove Metal supergroup Mind Power has been returned to by the band for a music video for “Mess“, a stand out in self loathing abrasive style. The Pennsylvanians are celebrating five years of their debut EP “Depopulation” this year and are formed of musicians known for

Exclusive Interview: Catalyst talk “Catalyst II” and new drummer!

Some might call it a stop gap record but in “Catalyst II” Belgian Progressive Melodic Death Metallers Catalyst have compiled all of their six previously released singles into one gift that keeps giving while wrapping up an era of the band and giving us physical release to celebrate. We had the pleasure of a conversation with vocalist Jeroen

Review: “Catalyst II” by Catalyst

After 2019 singles “Sustainable Dignity” and “Fear Well” made for an impressive continuation of the sound that Belgian Progressive Melodic Death Metallers Catalyst had created with their 2018 self titled debut EP the hand break seemed to have been firmly put on by the departure of drummer Jannes Lemaitre (ex-Titan, Patroness) and the outbreak of

NEWS: Mind Power unveil “Self Torture”!

Recorded between 2018 and 2019 at the Banana Ranch in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, the previously released quartet of digital EPs from Mind Power have been consolidated into a single vinyl pressing by Jump Start Records and rebranded “Self Torture“. That is available to order here with the band releasing a music video for “Mess” created by

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2019!

Whether it’s the wealth of Metal bands at the moment or the increased ease of recording and releasing quality material independently to streaming services, the shorter format of the Extended Play seems to have been a resurgent force in 2019. Some bigger names have recorded in the short form to tide them over between albums

Review: “Q4” EP by Mind Power

What can we say about Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania quintet Mind Power that we haven’t already? Well… They feature in their ranks members of and former members of members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat. Said that before. They’ve taken the a gamble and promised to release a quarterly

NEWS: Mind Power share “Cruel World”!

If you’ve not been following the series of reviews we’ve been doing on Mind Power, you might not know that they hail from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and feature former members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat. You also might not know that they’re in the process of completing

Review: “Q3” EP by Mind Power

It’s been 3 months since their previous EP “Q2” and having featured guest appearances from John Henry of Darkest Hour and Rob Fusco of One King Down and Most Precious Blood  on “Q1”, Mind Power from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania who feature former members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat have brought “Q3” to the plate with a guest appearance

Review: “Q2” EP by Mind Power

Most people can’t keep a secret. They can’t keep a new years Resolution and let’s face it, they may say all this and all that, but they probably can’t keep a promise. Fat dude promises his wife or his mother that he’s turning over a new leaf, still ends up eating a chocolate bar in

NEWS: Mind Power don’t like the “Mess”!

Just when you thought it was safe, Mind Power, a band featuring members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat, have returned with single “Mess”. It’s the first song to be released from “Q2”, the bands second of a quartet of EPs scheduled to be released this year!