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Playthrough: “Dissonance” from Asleep At The Helm!

What’s better than a single track playthrough? Think big. That’s right. Mancunian Metalcore outfit Asleep At The Helm have gone the whole hog and released a full album playthrough video for their record “Dissonance” which reached it’s second anniversary in 2020. They have a new album in the works, mixed and mastered by Dan Kerr

NEWS: Asleep At The Helm feel like “Outsiders”?

Be warned. The music video for the new Asleep At The Helm single “Outsiders” contains flashing imagery and scenes of drug use. So if you’re a sensitive kind, look away now. The Manchester based Metalcore act have been hyping it since their debut album “Dissonance” reached it’s second anniversary in December and it’s been well

The Black Map #46: Asleep At The Helm from Bolton!

Tracking their drums at Bury College and rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a number of Manchester and Bolton based bands, Asleep At The Helm are a quinet of seasoned musicians who wasted no time in recording and releasing the debut full length “Dissonance” in December having started out as a band in