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NEWS: Dropout Kings. Hacktivist. July 2024!

Suburban Noize Records signed US Trap-Metal outfit Dropout Kings have announced a run of shows from Zurich to Rock la Mures Festival in Romania that will see them joined by Hacktivist for no less than six stops in the United Kingdom in July. The Milton Keynes DJentlemen have dropped a couple of recent singles which

NEWS: Hacktivist come out swinging with “Forgot About H”!

Not satisfied with the previous covers in their recorded works and wanting to freshen things up with new vocalist JJ Olifent, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have followed “Crooks and Criminals” with a reworked rendition of “Forgot About Dre” by Eminem and Dr Dre. Rebranded “Forgot About H” with lyrics that reference British life as well as

NEWS: Dropout Kings vandalise “No Rules, No Limits” by ChuggaBoom!

As last November’s “Death Pledge” album fast approaches its first anniversary, Metalcore merchants ChuggaBoom have shared a reworked rendition of “No Rules, No Limits” that finds US Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings jumping on the track. The band are warming up for a run of October UK shows titled “The Masked Monstour” with InRetrospect but

NEWS: Dropout Kings blow the fuse?

Fresh from their United Kingdom tour with Party Deathcore merchants Atilla are none other than Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings. They’ve shared another in “Lights Out” from their upcoming new album “Riot Music” which finds them joined by Joe Cotela of Nu-Metal revivalists DED. It’s unofficially the third cut from the record with the title

NEWS: Dropout Kings predict a riot?

The highly anticipated second single and title track from the upcoming debut album “Riot Music” from US Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings has surfaced via Suburban Noize Records alongside pre-orders here and cover artwork. The track listing confirms 13 cuts including the previously released “Hey Uh” as well as one titled “Lights Out” that features

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2023!

While our previous entries in this years incarnation of Listmania season have been in no particular order, our most anticipated releases of 2023 are in a very specific order, a chronological one. For no other reason than one rarely does the chaser before the beer so while you’re tucking into what hopefully is the final

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2022!

Chapter #3 of Listmania Awards season and a conundrum presents itself like a beast from the black lagoon. In a modern world where the waterfall release strategy is prevalent how do we give you a list of our top #5 singles of 2022? There are so many to choose from, it’s like being a five

NEWS: Dropout Kings set to start a riot…

Suburban Noize Records have announced an album titled “Riot Music” will be appearing from Trap Metal masters Dropout Kings on 7th April alongside pre-orders here. A 13 track affair, it features the previously released “Hey Uh” from the bands split EP with (hed)p.e. with the title track slated for a drop on 13th January in

NEWS: Borders lower their guard and get high…

…And now for a little bit of Borders. The Lincoln quartet have finally seen the release of their Arising Empire debut “Bloom Season” after what seems like forever and are celebrating with a lyric video for new cut and cautionary tale “I Get High” which warns of the power of substance and alcohol abuse. If

NEWS: Borders seek medical professional assistance…

Another day, another dollar, another sweet single from Lincoln’s Borders as they continue to press ahead with plans for World domination alongside Arising Empire. The new cut is called “Fix This” and makes it five by our count from their next album “Bloom Season” which will appear on 18th November. If you haven’t already noticed,