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Review: “Blood & Spirit” by Nonsun

“The album title refers to spiritual struggles through the bloodiest of times. The five tracks, in a sense, are yearnings, or prayers, thrown into the void. What doesn’t kill you… Does it make you stronger? Or leave you even more crippled? When all magic is gone… Is wisdom worth a thing? It’s about raising questions

NEWS: Nonsun announce sophomore album “Blood & Spirit”!

Recorded at NonSound Studio & Pohulianka Basement Hall between 2017-2020 and mixed and mastered by Jaroslav Celujko, the follow-up to their 2018 debut “Black Snow Desert” sees Ukraine’s Nonsun delivering five intense and poignant Doom Post-Metal tracks each telling its own story. Titled “Blood & Spirit” it will be released via Dunk!records on 15th April with