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NEWS: Jumpman debut title track from upcoming EP!

Watford Nintendocore duo Jumpman have unveiled a classic black and white music video for the title track of their upcoming new EP “What We Saw Before The Darkness“, which drops on 24th April. It follows single “Shame” out of the gate and it’s one we highly recommend, having published a review for it just yesterday!

Review: “What We Saw Before The Darkness” by Jumpman

Last month we had the pleasure of reviewing double “A” side single “Shame” as Watford duo Jumpman prepared to unleash a new EP on an unsuspecting World. An experimental hardcore duo of Eliot Foster on Lead vocals and guitar Tom Cole on guitar who we lovingly call a “Nintendocore” band with a broad range of

Exclusive Interview: Jumpman talk Zelda, Converge and Pizza!

Watford Nintendocore duo Jumpman aka Eliot Foster on Lead vocals and guitar Tom Cole on guitar and synths, who like to blend hardcore punk, tech-metal and 8-bit chiptune synths recently dropped a creative double feature by the name of “Shame“. If you like fast and abrasive riffs with rapid fire metronomic artillery shell drum machine

The Black Map #101: Jumpman from Watford!

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, Room 101 is the basement torture chamber of the Ministry of Love in which the Party subject prisoners to their own worst nightmares, fears or phobias to break their resistance. A novel that draws on the consequences of Government over reach, totalitarianism and mass surveillance, it would actually make