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Playthrough: “Circle Of Serpents” from Extortionist!

Like a Pheonix rising from the ashes, the return of Extortionist from the grave late last year was one totally unexpected. But they nailed it with “Once More In Torment” and with the Cyber Shred tour seeing them joining Rings Of Saturn this summer it seems for now at least that they’re here to stay.

Interview: Extortionist talk new album with KnotFest!

There is no doubt about it, the reunion of Extortionist and their return with new single “One More Torment” is the kind of thing that just makes perfect sense. Vocalist Ben Hoagland took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to Alicia Atout from KnotFest about the bands upcoming plans including a new

Review: “Turmoil” by Malice Strikes

Nine months after premiering their first single “Worthless“, Tampa Florida Hardcore crew Malice Strikes unveiled debut EP “Turmoil” recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Coupe (Weeping Wound, The Browning, Rendered Abstract). Since then they have gone from strength to strength and shared stages with Madball and Dealey Plaza in the last twelve months alone as

NEWS: Extortionist are “Once More In Tournament”!

Following a six year run that saw them disband in 2019, the much talked about return of North West Heavy quintet Extortionist is now complete. They’ve landed the first punch with “Once More In Tournament“, which could either be the first from an EP written “for fun and internet purposes” or could be the start of

Review: “Paranoia” by Mace

Originally planned as a 7 track long player with influences in Deathcore, Hardcore, Beatdown and Slam genres, Calgary Alberta Canada’s Mace (Brock Brown, Max August, Rylie Clare and Austen Lewis) started work on “Paranoia” back in October of 2019, following up a 9 track demo debut album and standalone single “Corruption“. The band had been

Review: “The Morality Model” EP by Capital Murder

Mixed & Mastered by Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell of Kascade Mixing And Mastering and with artwork by Jorden Bergman and Dan Loewen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadians Capital Murder blend Metal and Hardcore to create their sound. We first heard “Detox” when it premiered via the Slam Worldwide channel but interestingly the EP doesn’t include

Listmania: Metal Noise Spotify Wrapped 2019!

For all you Spotify users out there – if you haven’t already, if you follow the wrapped link and enable it here you will get what you always wanted – a breakdown of all the tracks and albums you’ve listened to over the last 12 months with your very own statistics! We’re not going to

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Extortionist

Primary written by previous guitarist McKay Rockwell and current vocalist Ben Hoagland with additional co writing on select tracks from close friends Kevin Rogers who also handled guitar tracking, Jake Mercer and Mike Sahm who handled Engineering, Mixing and Mastering, North West heavy quartet Extortionist dropped their self titled EP at the end of May.

Review: “Sever The Chord” by Extortionist

The follow up to their 2017 full debut “The Decline” sees Coeur D’Alene Idaho Deathcore quartet Extortionist signing to Stay Sick Recordings Thundering in like your neighbors bulldog at the postman’s ankles “Bad Vibes” delivers an opening crunch that drops off to a very old school KoRn bass click-y bass and atmospheric, accompanied by a vocal

Playthrough: “Eternal Machine” from Betraying The Martyrs!

Betraying The Martyrs are currently out in the US with Extortionist and The Browning and have dropped “Eternal Machine”, a brand new single, before they headed out. Now, Guitarist duo Lucus D’angelo and Baptiste Vigier have laid down this playthrough for the track. Is a new album in the works? Only time will tell!