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NEWS: Crown Vic undergo surgery…

…and get “Stapled To The Steeple” with a brand new single to follow up the well received EP  “Spazzmatic“, for which Daily Grind Productions handled the accompanying video while Swamp Sound Studio mixed and mastered. The Ravenswood West Virginia Slamming Death Metal outfit have announced that they will be joining a retooled and rejuvenated The

Review: “To Death” by Casketmaker

Mixed and Mastered by Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings (Traitors, The Stygian Complex), the debut EP from Pittsburgh Deathcore quintet Casketmaker has been a long timing coming with singles in 2018’s “Hanging“, 2019’s “Backstabber” and 2020’s “Blackout” however everything vocalist Michael Cobin, guitaist Junior Cheatham, bassist Steve Buvalla, drummer Jake Mingoy and guitarist

Playthrough: Full set from Casketmaker!

Including a guest appearance from Aiden Versteegh of Falsifier on “Haunted“, Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian Deathcore quintet Casketmaker bring the breakdowns to the masses with new EP “To Death” released this weekend. The day after it popped saw the band play a release show at the Mr Roboto Project with dedicated drum cam footage of Jake Mingoy

Bootleg: “Distrust” by VileGloom!

Lebanon Oregon based Nu-Downtempo collective VileGloom have shared the title track of their EP “Distrust” culled from their set at The Pin in Spokane Washington on 18th June 2019 which saw them share a stage with Falsifier and VCTMS during their Iced Out Tour. Since then the band have tapped up Greg Gilbert of Shrine

Bootleg: VCTMS at Whiskey Junction!

Pro-Shot at The Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis Minnesota on 23rd June, here’s a full set from the Bad Luck Crew better known at Steamwood Illinois Deathcore Groove Metallers VCTMS! They’ve almost reached the end of their “Iced Out” tour with Falsifier in support of current album “Vol. III: Halfway Happy”!

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm won’t go “Unanswered”!

Signs of the Swarm vocalist David Simonich has joined a project to pay tribute to the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence. The project sees Matt Andrews of Falsifier providing all of the instrumental parts with a different Deathcore vocalist on each track from “The Cleansing”, an album widely seen and respected as the bands finest

Review: “Volume III: Halfway Happy” by VCTMS

2014’s “Sickness: Vol. 1” featured five guest vocal appearances, albeit that Landon Tewers and Ben Keller appeared on the same track. 2017’s “Volume II: Inside The Mind” matched that with five over five separate tracks. 2018’s “Volume III: Halfway Happy” goes two better with seven over seven. Are you getting the familiar theme here? VCTMS

NEWS: New VCTMS album this summer..?

Pre-order bundles are now available here for the upcoming new VCTMS album entitled “Vol III: Halfway Happy” which as a TBC summer 2018 release date. They put out a music video a week ago for “Devil’s // Door” featuring Aiden Versteegh of Falsifier so we know what we’re in store for. Shame that the cancelled their