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Documentary: Toska on That Pedal Show!

Filmed when Brighton Progressive Instrumental Metal trio Toska thought that their April tour would go ahead, this latest edition of the gear nerds junkie fix that is That Pedal Show sees guitarist Rebea Massaad perform “Prayermonger” while expressing his love for TheGigRig G2 pedal board. During the show, they also go over Rebea’s signature Chapman

Bootleg: “Congress” from Toska!

Performing at Download Festival is something Toska guitarist Rabea Massaad classes as the best gig that his band have ever played. We were lucky enough to see them at the first incarnation of Radar Festival and the progressive trio were on fire. By the Silos. Here’s “Congress” from their Download set.

Documentary: Toska studio diary part #2!

Part #2 of a studio diary that sees Progressive Instrumental Trio Toska at Brighton Electric recording a new single possibly entitled “Leave No Meat On The Bones” has surfaced. While the first part saw the band tracking drums, this part sees them playing riffs and dissecting parts with producer Mark Roberts. They’ll be on the

NEWS: Toska April Shows!

While they are currently recording new material, Brighton Progressive Instrumental trio Toska have announced a run of April shows before their appearance at Radar Festival in Guildford in July. So there could be a new song or two in the sets though drummer Ben Minal will only be appearing in Brighton and London so Ben

Documentary: Drum Tracking with Toska!

As the critically acclaimed “Fire By The Silos” from Progressive Instrumental trio Toska has now past its 1st Anniversary, the band have gone back into the studio with Mark Roberts. This time out the studio is Brighton Electric and in this first part of a documentary series filmed by John Hollingsworth, they’re tracking the drums…

Documentary: Sound Like Slipknot!

Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad has been a regular on Anderton’s Music TV for… forever! In this latest episode of their “Busting the Bank” series, they spend a fortune on gear in the store to create a sound that mimics the guitar tones of “We Are Not Your Kind”, the new album from Iowanise Juggernaut Slipknot!

Bootleg: “Prayermonger” from Toska!

Pro-Shot at Download Festival 2019, here’s “Prayermonger” from Brighton Progressive Metallers Toska! It was filmed by Ryan McClean and Dan Davies and edited by John Hollingsworth. “Fire By The Silos”, their critically acclaimed debut full length is of course out now.

Documentary: The Pre-Show Warm Up!

Talking of Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad, he’s shared his favourite trio of pre-show warm ups which ensure that his gear is in check, sounds good and his fingers aren’t going to cramp up! The Brighton Instrumental Progressive Tech-Metallers have the critically acclaimed “Fire By The Silos” out now.

Playthrough: “Prayermonger” from Toska!

The man. The myth. The legend. Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad continues to rip through the playthrough videos with a live version of “Prayermonger” from the bands current critically acclaimed album “Fire By The Silos”! The Brighton Instrumental Progressive Metal Trio will be at Radar Festival in Guildford this summer!

NEWS: Toska won’t bow to the “Prayermonger”!

Instrumental Progressive Tech-Metallers Toska have unveiled an epic Cinematic video to accompany “Prayermonger”. The song appears on the Brighton trio’s critically acclaimed debut full length album “Fire By The Silos” which is available here. You can catch Rabea Massaad, Dave Hollingworth and Ben Minal at both Download and Radar Festivals this summer!