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NEWS: Life’s Question discuss meeting God with new single!

About to tear up the road stateside with Koyo, One Step Closer and Anxious, Flatspot Records signings Life’s Question have announced that the follow up to their 2022 full length “World Of….” will be landing on 19th April via the label. They do so with lead single “When I Meet God” a classic juxtaposition between

NEWS: Kharma search for an axe to clip your wings…

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from none other than Sebastian Paba of Regulate, Chicago Hardcore crew Kharma have announced 12th April will see their fourth album “A World Of Our Own” appear via Flatspot Records. Their forth in all, it saw them work with Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Regulate, Jivebomb) to get their

Documentary: Speed: USA Hardcore Fests!

Produced, filmed and edited by co-conspirator Jack Rudder, another documentary has appeared from Australian Hardcore crew Speed. They’ve already done Asia, Europe and North American but this time out they document their experience playing Sound & Fury and This Is Hardcore Festivals as well as four shows in Phoenix, Austin, Denton and San Francisco Bay…

Bootleg: Speed in Melbourne Australia!

Having given us a collection of exquisite tour documentaries from runs in Asia, Europe and the US, Australian Hardcore crew Speed have shared a full set pro-shot at Stay Gold in Melbourne Australia 17th September 2022 during the “Gang Called Speed” EP tour. That appears as the band celebrate 2.75 million Spotify streams for 2021

Documentary: Speed: Europe & UK Hardcore!

They’ve already given us featurettes on South East Asia and North America so in a third instalment of their documentary series, Speed arrive in Europe. Squeezing a handful of club shows around some impressive festival appearances, they discover the Gothenburg scene and play alongside their Flatspot Records labelmates Zulu in Paris in this one, once

Bootleg: Zulu in Manhattan!

“Death awaits you! You have made a covenant with death and with Hell you are in agreement! You’re all going to die! Don’t you realize? Can’t you see?” A pro-shot full set from Los Angeles Californian’s Zulu at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan New York on 20th August has surfaced in cyberspace. How you translate

Documentary: Speed: North America Hardcore!

Taking the World by storm following the arrival of their EP “Gang Called Speed” by Flatspot Records last summer, Australian Hardcore band Speed have become the talk of the town. They’ve played energetic, packed shows and festivals across Australia, Europe, and Asia, and had their first, sold-out North American tour earlier this year and already

Bootleg: Downpresser in Los Angeles California!

For reasons best left out of the psychologists chair, whenever “The Long Goodbye” from Santa Barbara California Metallic Hardcore crew Downpresser is mentioned, “The Long Kiss Goodnight” with Geena Davis and Samuel L.. Jackson floats into the cerebral cortex, even though neither has anything to do with the other. Anyway. Courtesy of 197 Media here’s a

Bootleg: Section H8 in Brooklyn New York!

Still on the hustle pedaling their Flatspot Records album “Welcome To The Nightmare” which of course features that guest vocal appearance from Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Los Angeles Californian’s Section H8 rolled up on Brooklyn New York on 8th April with phasers set to stun. The venue, The Brooklyn Monarch and the result? 24 minutes