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Playthrough: “Occhiolism” from Unaligned!

But that is not all. Oh no. Technical Death Metal act Unaligned have used a six string bass playthrough video for “Occhiolism” from their debut burnt offering “Inner Dimensions” to showcase the skills of their new bassist Cole Daniels. He is of course already a known entity as a member of going concern Fleshbore while

Playthrough: “Careless Preacher” from Fleshbore!

Not to be mistaken for something by George Michael, Indianapolis Indiana Tech-Death crew Fleshbore have once again let their bassist Cole Daniels out of the basement minus a t-shirt. For the second time in a week he’s thrown the gauntlet down to fellow six string with a one take playthrough video for “Careless Preacher” from

Playthrough: (bass) “Momentum” from Fleshbore!

Let’s be honest, who needs a t-shirt when you’ve got a six string bass and some nipple tape to prevent chaffing? It worked for Butcher Babies so it can work for Fleshbore bassist Cole Daniels as he ploughs through “Momentum” in a single take playthrough complete with bass solo like it was nothing but a

Playthrough: “One Thousand Hands” from Fleshbore!

One of the highlights of last summer was undoubtedly “Embers Gathering” from Indianapolis Indiana Tech-Death crew Fleshbore. Recorded with Jackson Ward (Duelranger, Antithesys, Global Plague) at Strata Recording, it’s a beast of a record so this playthrough for “One Thousand Hands” that is two short of full band with vocalist Michael O’Hara and guitarist duo

Playthrough: “Momentum” from Fleshbore!

Filmed by Austin Scherzberg in Minneapolis Minnesota, Fleshbore drummer Tyler Mulkey performs the opening cut in “Momentum” from the bands recently deceased album “Embers Gathering” as the Death Metallers announced a collection of shows with Burial in the Sky in the lead up to Texas Mammoth Fest. How does the album stand against the competion

Playthrough: “The Scourge” from Fleshbore!

As our ear drums are still ringing from the blood curdling sounds of “Embers Gathering“, Indianapolis Indiana Tech-Death crew Fleshbore have given vocalist Michael O’Harr moment in the limelight for a one take vocal performance of one of the albums highlights in “The Scourge“. They say they have a big announcement shortly and if we

NEWS: Fleshbore breathe new life into the dying embers…

Indianapolis Indiana Tech-Death crew Fleshbore have released the official video for “Revivified,” a track from recently released and very well received album “Embers Gathering“. One of the feel good hits of the summer from Innerstrength Records, it was recorded with Jackson Ward (Duelranger, Antithesys, Global Plague) at Strata Recording and is accompanied by stunning artwork

Review: “Embers Gathering” by Fleshbore

Forged in the heat of Indianapolis Indiana in 2017, Tech-Death quintet Fleshbore have cut their teeth touring the Midwest and New England with the likes of Dying Fetus, Rings of Saturn and Equipoise armed with material from a duo of independently released EPs with 2018’s “Malignancy” showing considerable growth. That time has however lead to

NEWS: Fleshbore stand beside the firepit…

Preparing to release their debut album late this summer via Innerstrength Records, Indianapolis Tech-Death crew Fleshbore have released a music video for the title track “Embers Gathering“. After making their debut in 2017 the quintet have released a pair of EPs including 2018’s “Malignancy” while seeds were planted in the Midwest and along the New