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NEWS: Prophecy premier “Foreseen Scriptures” video!

…the title track from the Fort Worth Texan’s Prophecy that opens their latest Brutal Death Metal offering “Foreseen Scriptures” has been given the full music video treatment by Obscenery Films as it approaches it’s first anniversary next month. Before that happens, guitarist James Parks II will be celebrating his 50th Birthday as the band return

NEWS: Prophecy want to see you “Buried In Brimstone”!

July saw “Foreseen Scriptures” by Fort Worth Texas Brutal Death Metallers Prophecy drop and now they’ve returned with a music video for one of its stand out moments in “Buried In Brimstone“! They have also announced a pair of shows for 2020, a pair of official socks in their merch store (Christmas stocking fillers?!) and