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Bootleg: Dying Fetus in Ottawa Canada!

Yeah, we should probably replace the artwork from 2018 that graces this but hey, if it ain’t broke… filmed at The Brass Monkey in Ottawa Canada on 5th September here are four classic cuts from Dying Fetus in “Grotesque Impalement“, “Compulsion for Cruelty“, “Justifiable Homicide” and “Subjected to a Beating“. You can catch Dying Fetus

NEWS: Dying Fetus, Nasty, Cabal and Frozen Soul. February!

The World’s of Death Metal and Hardcore from both sides of the Globe will unite in February as Dying Fetus, Nasty, Cabal and Frozen Soul loop across Europe from Cologne to Munich with five opportunities to see them in our neck of the woods. New cuts are expected to be aired during the run of

Review: “Fossilized” by Cruentus

Two years on from their well received debut “Night Embrace Me“, Swedish Blackened Thrash duo Cruentus returned to the tried and trusted, entering Deathskull Studio E to record their sophomore album “Fossilized” with engineer Johan “Snoken” Nääs, the pair of multi instrumentalists Martin Öhman (guitar, bass, vocals) and Petter Bocian (drums, vocals) needing no further

Documentary: Making Metalhead Friends with Black Metal Werewolf!

While recommending one that we recommend ourselves in “Crypt Of Ice” by Death Metal overlords Frozen Soul, in his documentary this week Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses the possible pitfalls of seeking only Metalhead Friends. Which could be just as risky as seeking only a Metalhead lover. As ever an insightful discussion, its a well thought

Documentary: Tour Tips with Frozen Soul!

A little nugget of knowledge can go a long way to helping you get through those extended periods of travel on tour and for those of us who aren’t doing that, the series from Digital Tour Bus offers us an insight into the lives of our heroes in bands like Frozen Soul. They were playing

Interview: Frozen Soul talk first concert ever!

Celebrating 3 years of “Encased In Ice” as they  steamroller across the US with Dying Fetus,  Chelsea Grin, Bodysnatcher and Undeath, Dallas Texas Old School Death Metallers Frozen Soul might just be on their dream tour. They talk about the first concerts in their Metal lives in this freshly released interview filmed at Beat Kitchen

Documentary: Frozen Soul on Bus Invaders!

After the better part of two years the return of the Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus is a welcome one. Filmed at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago Illinois, it sees American Death Metallers Frozen Soul take us around their vehicle as they support their Century Media debut “Crypt Of Ice” with a run

Bootleg: Frozen Soul in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Once again crawling from their crypt of ice, Frozen Soul took to the stage on 8th December 2021 at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bringing that famed Texas heat and in your face Death Metal to the audience. Here’s a pro-shot full set from the band who last year saw their 2019 EP “Encased

NEWS: Frozen Soul talk “Crypt Of Ice” with Heavy New York!

Still in their crypt of ice despite the re-release of their demos and that Slayer cover since, Frozen Soul have some catching up to do when to comes to playing shows. Frontman Chad Green spoke to Heavy New York in this brand new interview about their ambitions plans as well as Death Metal influences and

Review: “Immortal” by Inexorable

There have been some really interesting collaborations that have only really been possible in the internet age thanks to the ability to share files back and forth over great distances, something that would have only been possible via couriers and tapes in the time of bands like East West Blast Test who created brilliance with