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Review: “Semitae Mentis” by Spiritual Deception

Sharing a deep connection with philosophy and owing their name to a theory from the Danish philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, Italian Symphonic Blackened Technical Death Metal purveyors Spiritual Deception have long been a band as thought provoking as they are heavy. Since their inception in 2016 they have offered lyric sheets for contemplation long after

Review: “Alphaville” by Imperial Triumphant

“Welcome to the age of a bright future and unprecedented optimism. A time when man’s dreams are realized in the biggest way. The most dangerous time ever known with the most existential responsibility ever bestowed. A NEW age of the atomic dream and ten thousand years forward of computerized biology looking to the past for

Review:”Demons or Someone Else” by Montecharge

Formed in Geneva Switzerland, Montecharge are a quartet with passion for heavy music with Vocalist Quentin Bocquel is joined by David Gerber who handles synthesizers and noise machines, drummer Edward Hay and guitarist Wladislas Marian. While “Demons of Someone Else” is their debut album, they have been releasing material and playing live together for almost