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NEWS: The Crawling escape the crypt of ice!

Draped in the cold, despairing artwork of Travis Smith (Death, Nevermore, Opeth) a third album in “All Of This For Nothing” will arrive from Northern Ireland’s premiere exponents of soul crushing Death Doom Metal The Crawling on 4th August via Grindscene Records. The news that a five year long wait for new material is over is celebrated my the

Review: “Shaped by Human Frailty” by Strangle Wire

Hailing from Belfast, Strangle Wire are a band who self describe as playing Psychological Death Metal, specializing in lyrical concepts attempt to capture the darker parts of the human condition. Their first single “Narcissism” premiered in 2017 and was swiftly followed by their debut album “The Dark Triad” a year later, the qualities of which