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Interview: Immolation talk “Acts Of God” with Heavy New York!

Ahead of their new album “Acts Of God” on 18th  February via Napalm Records, American Death Metal pioneers Immolation have thrown bassist and vocalist Ross Dolan to the wolves otherwise known as Heavy New York for an interview. Not only does it see them discuss the record but also the 20th anniversary of “Unholy Cult”

Interview: Enterprise Earth talk “The Chosen” with Heavy New York!

If “Legends Never Die”, “Reanimate // Disintegrate” and “Where Dreams Are Broken” from the forthcoming new Enterprise Earth album “The Chosen” haven’t set you on fire then you probably don’t want to push play on this final interview of 2021 from Heavy New York. It sees them joined by guitarist Gabe Mangold (Delusions of Grandeur,

Interview: Shadows Fall discuss reunion with Heavy New York!

Yes! Shadows Fall are very much still alive and kicking, even if the band once hailed by sum as Kings of Metalcore now has a line up scattered to the four winds with members like guitarist Matt Bachand playing bass in Act of Defiance (who also feature former Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover

NEWS: Frozen Soul talk “Crypt Of Ice” with Heavy New York!

Still in their crypt of ice despite the re-release of their demos and that Slayer cover since, Frozen Soul have some catching up to do when to comes to playing shows. Frontman Chad Green spoke to Heavy New York in this brand new interview about their ambitions plans as well as Death Metal influences and

Interview: Converge talk “Bloodmoon” with Heavy New York!

The ambitious undertaking that is “Bloodmoon: 1” is the subject of an interview between Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon and Heavy New York, a collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe that has seen them return to some experimental live shows which took place in 2016 and saw them play some of the slower and lesser heard cuts from

Interview: MOL talk Diorama with Heavy New York!

No one may take pictures of the drummer but that hasn’t stopped Heavy New York talking to MOL percussionist Ken Klejs (Intig, ex-Sunken, ex-Antennas to Nowhere) about the five pieces new album “Diorama“, which is out now via Nuclear Blast of course, the evolution of their style and more. February will see the Post Black

Interview: Bonded talk “Into Blackness” with Heavy New York!

Last week saw the release of what has to be one of the best Thrash Metal albums of the year in “Into Blackness” by German veterans Bonded who spoke to Heavy New York in this fresh interview. The sophomore album from the group who feature former members of such legendary bands as Sodom, Suicidal Angels,