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Interview: Angelus Apatrida talk self titled album!

Angelus Apatrida guitarist and vocalist Guillermo Izquierdo spoke to Heavy New York about the bands upcoming self titled album, signing with Century Media and their 20 year career to date in this freshly ground new interview. Originally starting out as a Power Metal outfit, they evolved into a Post-Thrash beast over their first three years

Interview: Spiritbox talk to Heavy New York about new material!

Spiritbox vocalist Courtney Laplante spoke to Heavy New York to discuss their recent single pairing of “Holy Roller” and “Constance” (the former of which also having a re-imagining with Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake) and what we can expect from a new record from the Canadians. The outpouring of love for their work from the

Interview: Asphyx talk “Necroceros” with Heavy New York!

Following the news that 22nd January 2021 will see legendary Dutch Death Doom Elite Asphyx are set to release their 10th studio record “Necroceros” via Century Media, frontman Martin van Drunen spoke to Heavy New York about how the album came together, what it’s like working on multiple projects with different styles and songwriting as an art

Interview: Soulburn talk “Noa’s D’ark” with Heavy New York!

Half of Doom laden Death Metal quartet Soulburn joined Heavy New York to discuss their upcoming new album “Noa’s D’ark” in this insightful new interview. Twan van Geel (vocals and bass) and Eric Daniels (guitar) are both seasoned musicians having served time in Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court and Legion Of The Damned between them

Interview: Frozen Soul talk “Crypt Of Ice” with Heavy New York!

The turn of the year will see “Crypt Of Ice” from Dallas Texas Death Metal quintet Frozen Soul appear via Century Media. The long awaited debut album will appear on 8th January 2021, nearly 10 months since recording began in early March 2020 with former guitarist Daniel Schmuck handling production and mixing duties. Vocalist Chad,

Interview: Pulchra Morte talk “Ex Rosa Ceremonia”!

Guitarist and producer Jarrett Pritchard from Death Doom overlords Pulchra Morte, a band who in their ranks feature members of Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Eulogy, Harkonin to name but a few talks to Heavy New York about their upcoming 6th November 2020 sophomore album ‘Ex Rosa Ceremonia’ out via Transcending Records.

Interview: Hatebreed talk “Weight Of The False Self”!

Jamey Jasta and Wayne Lozinak may have done all of the press for their eighth studio Hatebreed record “Weight Of The False Self” so far, but this latest interview with Heavy New York sees drummer Matt Byrne do the talking, not only discussing the new album due 27th November via Nuclear Blast but also Hardcore

Interview: Dark Tranqullity talk “Moment”!

Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal legends Dark Tranquillity are building up to the release of their new album “Moment”, which will appear in just over a months time on 20th November 2020 via Century Media and so after four installments of their making of feature, vocalist Mikael Stanne has taken a moment to chat with Heavy New

Interview: Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren talks new Cadaver album!

It’s kind of funny how some musicians become names in their own right while others simply remain members of a band. Dirk Verbeuren is one who during his time is Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Soilwork was firmly in the latter, a relative unknown, despite 12 years and four albums with them. But since replacing Chris