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Interview: Thy Art Is Murder talk new material with Heavy New York!

Working on the follow up to 2019’s “Human Target“, Australian Deathcore titans Thy Art Is Murder have volunteered guitarist Andy Marsh to talk to Heavy New York with topics of conversation ranging from how lyrics and riffs are created to the evolution of their sound. You can bet your bottom dollar that producer extraordinare Will

Interview: We Came As Romans talk “Darkbloom” with Heavy New York!

Continuing to honour their fallen brother, on their sixth studio album We Came As Romans used synths written by producer Drew Fulk and recorded by Kyle Pavone before his death with unclean vocalist Dave Stephens taking on clean vocals. Backing vocalist and guitarist Joshua Moore joined Heavy New York for a chat about the record,

Interview: Distant talk “Heritage” with Heavy New York!

It was only ever a matter of time before Rotterdam heavy hitters Distant spoke to Heavy New York about their 10th February releasing new album “Heritage“. It just so happens to be the Downtempo Deathcore bruisers debut with Century Media no less and the discussion not only covers it off in detail but also talks

Interview: God Forbid talk return with Heavy New York!

The imminent return of Metalcore heroes God Forbid has been long talked about but the absence of rhythm guitarist Matt Wicklund or the man he replaced in Dallas Coyle left a big hole to fill. It turns out however that a suitable replacement was available at the right time with the gradual disintegration of the

Interview: In The Woods talk “Diversum” with Heavy New York!

Last month saw the return of Norwegian Progressive Blackened avant-garde Metal act In The Woods for a sixth studio album in “Diversum“, the twist in the tale being new vocalist Bernt Fjellestad being at the helm. Guitarist Kåre André Sletteberg spoke to Heavy New York about the epic masterpiece following untrodden paths in pagan tongue with

Interview: Malevolence talk “Malicious Intent” with Heavy New York!

You know what they say. When in Rome… Talk to Heavy New York! Malevolence vocalist Alex Taylor did exactly that, the discussion mixing talk of their new album “Malicious Intent” with lyrical process, influences and of course their legendary live shows. The Sheffield Shredders will be opening across Europe for the co-headlining tour between Trivium

Interview: Devin Townsend talks “Lightwork” with Heavy New York!

The highly respected Devin Townsend, a Canadian Progressive Metal Mastermind has taken some time out from his busy schedule to talk to Heavy New York about his new album “Lightwork“, a near hour longer masterpiece that has a deluxe version double the length to encompass a collection of demos and b-sides known as “Nightwork” in

NEWS: Triskelyon get caught in a time of war?

They may have already given Heavy New York an interview this weekend but that hasn’t stopped Canadians Triskelyon from unveiling a music video for “A Time Of War” from their October Moribund records debut album “Downfall“. The record includes guest appearances from members of Oberon, Hyperia, Catagory VI, Afterforever and Incidium as well as a

Interview: Triskelyon talk “Downfall” with Heavy New York!

Mastermind and guitarist Geoff Waye (Artach, Category VI), talks about his new Melodic Thrash project Triskelyon with Heavy New York in this new interview. One that sees him joined by numerous guest vocalists including Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley (Hyperia) along with drum programming by Raul Marques (Burning Torment) with “Downfall” a debut album that

Interview: Upon A Burning Body talk “Fury” with Heavy New York!

For some reason Upon A Burning Body always makes us think of Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk Till Dawn“… Celebrating a decade of their seminal crossover Deathcore album “Red.White.Green” as well as new album “Fury”,  guitarist Ruben Alvarez drops in to chat with Heavy New York with the chat as far reaching as the bands appearance