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Review: “Elder Sun” by Dizastra

It seems like we’ve had to wait forever and a day for the debut full length album from Montreal Canada Blackened Thrashers Dizastra. We’ve been following them since their debut EP “Hell’s Gate” which appeared back in 2015 and while a line up change seemed to hold them back, this past summer saw them let

Review: “Hell’s Gate” EP by Dizastra

Montreal Quebec Canada is the place that Blackened Thrashers Dizastra call home. Their original line-up of Matt Conti with guitars and vocals, drummer Matt Couillard, bassist JD Bolduc and guitarist Denis Stoisin unleashed the beast with “Hell’s Gate” in December 2015. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by  Jordan Barillaro who also receives a production credit alongside

Old News: Dizastra count down to “Elder Sun”!

Montreal Quebec Canada Blackened Thrashers Dizastra have kept us waiting for “Elder Sun” since 2015 but it looks like this autumn could finally see the album Metal Noise has been waiting for. Summer single “Vae Victus” serves as a introduction to it as much as for the new (ish) players with bassist Petey Giampa of Venomenon

Bootleg: Dizastra in Montreal!

Blackened Thrash from Montreal Quebec Canada? “Hell’s Gate” by Dizastra has been on rotation at Metal Noise since 2016 so here’s a couple of tracks from their set at the Piranha Bar on 28th August! Formed from the ashes of Dissension, Forbidden Sin, Powered by Death and Warnatic in 2014, their mission is a simple