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Review: “Conjourments” by King Baal

Somewhere between Doom, Symphonic and simply Heavy Metal, King Baal hail from Portugal with a very personal approach to metal, blending powerful and intense patterns with occasional dreamy musical landscapes. The quartet comprises vocalist Joana Carvalho alongside guitarist and vocalist Narciso Monteiro bassist João Amorim and drummer Luis Moreira, a rich lineup with members that

NEWS: King Baal pray for “Immortality”!

Portuguese Symphonic Melodic Death Metal King Baal have announced their upcoming new album “Conjurements“, an eight track album inspired by King Solomon’s writings, will be released via Wormholedeath Records on 29th January 2021 with debut single “Immortality” given the live in a Church music video treatment. Recorded and produced by Narciso Monteiro at Interstellar Cloud