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Review: “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel” by Renounced

Returning for their third full length following 2017’s “Theories of Despair” are London Hardcore band Renounced who want to bring Death to false Metalcore. They’ve a part of the UK Underground Metal scene since 2013 and with Employed To Serve guitarist Sammy Urwin in their ranks their had been a school of thought that said

Bootleg: Renounced at Northcote Fest!

Pro-Shot by Edge Media at Northcote Fest in Bibelot Poppodium Holland on 23rd March, here’s a full set from London Metalcore crew Renounced! They’ve got their third studio album “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel” appearing via Holyroar Records on 27th September! It’s available for pre-order here. We may have a review of it coming out

The Black Map #73: Hundred Year Old Man from Leeds!

When some people talk you just listen and take heed of what they have to say. So when someone as important as Employed To Serve frontman Justine Jones, who also happens to be the label Manager Holyroar Records dropped 5 must hear British Metal bands for Kerrang Magazine, we were all ears. One of the

NEWS: Renounced aren’t fans of “The Rico Conspiracy”!

Pre-orders are available here. So if you’re interested in the 27th September releasing new album “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel” from Renounced who feature Employed To Serve guitarist Sammy Urwin in their ranks, then that’s where you need to go! Holyroar Records are going to be continuing to let you know about it between now

Riff Police! Pull Over! #67: Slayer Vs Brutality Will Prevail!

When you write and release an album that fans deem to be a masterpiece and no doubt achieves critical acclaim, there is always a question mark over how to follow it up and a certain amount of pressure that comes with that. Australian Progressive Metalcore quintet Polaris and Floridan Metalcore wrecking ball Wage War have

NEWS: Renounced debut second NEW single!

The second single and music video from the upcoming new album from Renounced is upon us. Screaming death to false Metalcore, the track, entitled “In A Years Turning” will appear on “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel” via Holyroar Records on 27th September with pre-orders available here

NEWS: Renounced Return with “Self Inflicted”!

After their set at Upsurge Festival last August that was billed as a one off reunion show, it looked as though Renounced were dead and gone. How wrong we were. Instead they’ve today unleashed a single entitled “Self Inflicted” with guest vocals from Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and END fame! A new album “Beauty Is

Review: “The Language of Injury” by Ithaca

Following a pair of EPs in 2014’s “The Narrow Way” and 2015’s “Trespassers”, Sam Jones, James Lewis, Will Sweet, Drew Haycock and Djamila Azzouz saw their hard work pay off with their 1st February released and critically acclaimed album “The Language of Injury”. Soaked in feedback “New Covenant” starts things off with a marching drum

Interview: Conjurer at Download Festival!

The Mike James Rock Show caught up with Conjurer at Download Festival! Their collaborative album with Pijn entitled “Curse These Metal Hands” is on the way as the band continue to ride the wave of their hard work and success with the critically acclaimed “Mire” out now via Holyroar Records!

NEWS: Conjurer and Pijn in “High Spirits”!

The first of what appears to be four preceeding singles for the upcoming collaborative album between Pijn and Conjurer entitled “Curse These Metal Hands” has arrived! In lyric video format, the song is “High Spirits” and comes with the news of pre-orders being available here.