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Under The Influence #85: Catharist on “Colony” by In Flames!

1999 saw the release of the fourth studio record “Colony” from Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metal quintet In Flames, an album which is the first of an eleven year run for what many fans consider the bands classic lineup. Alongside Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates, the Swedes were pioneers in the genre and helped

Review: “Distorted Reality” by Neon Empire

Originally starting out life as a solo project of guitarist and clean-vocalist Hassan Ali, Neon Empire evolved into a four piece Electronic Metalcore band with the addition of unclean vocalist John Collard, bassist Tom Ambrose and the rarest of things in drummer Veronika Švecová. August 2019 saw the line up complete and the Dublin based

Review: “And This Too Shall Pass” by Demonstealer

It has been 2 years since 2018’s “The Last Reptilian Warrior” from Mumbai-based Death Metal multi-instrumentalist, Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer graced us with its presence and after a successful crowd funding campaign in August, the result is “And This Too Shall Pass”, inspired by the great plague of 2020. An extreme music veteran and a

NEWS: Italian Metallers pay tribute to In Flames!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Clayman” by Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metallers In Flames six Italian Metal vocalists have joined forces to record a truly unique cover. Those vocalists are Ciro Silvano from JumpsScare, Francesco Xella of Hellucination, Jel Doublerice from Despite Exile, Eddy Scissorhands of ROT, Miriam Granatiello from Nebulae and Rocco

NEWS: In Flames go back to “I, The Mask”!

…with frontman Anders Fridén wearing a “Clayman” t-shirt to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album, Swedish Melodic Death Metallers In Flames have spliced together live footage from recent tours to create a music video for “Stay With Me” from their 2019, thirteenth album “I, The Mask“. If you haven’t heard the chiptune version

Review: “Moment” by Dark Tranquillity

At this point in their careers it’s safe to say that the legacy of Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Dark Tranquillity as one of the cornerstones of the Gothenburg sound is set in stone. The only question is whether the band can continue to produce music worthy of that legacy as they reach their twelfth studio

Bootleg: In Flames at Furnace Fest!

Filmed in Birmingham, Alabama at The Sloss Furnace on 1st August 2002 at Furnace Fest, here’s a full set from a very young looking In Flames courtesy of Liberated Tape Archive. A 1st generation VHS Tape Transfer filmed from the left of the stage is sees them perform classics such as “Only for the Weak”

Review: “Retrogression Part 1: Egomania” by Agony Atlas

A concept release with a story marks the debut EP from Koblenz, Germany Progressive Technical Metallcore outfit Agony Atlas, a band with a wealth of prior experience. Vocalist Liane Walter is in Deathlesson and formerly in Incertain; guitarist, keys and programmer Christoph Fuchs in Karabooza, formerly Sixfinger and Timeshift Passenger; Drummer Markus Moewis formerly graced

NEWS: The Agonist cover In Flames!

The Agonist frontwoman Vicky Psarakis continues to impress as she churns out the weekly cover songs on her YouTube channel with multi instrumentalist partner in crime Quentin Cornet. This week the pair have chosen a classic in “Only For The Weak” by Swedish Melodic Death Metallers In Flames, one of the cornerstones of the Gothenburg

Review: “Self Titled” by Sangheilis

Inspired largely by the American and International scene in the Metalcore, DJent, Deathcore and Nu-Metal registers and citing everything from Chimaira to Northlane from Venom Prison to Type O Negative as an influence, Sangheilis are a band that raise eyebrows in their genre shifting. They hail from Rouen in France and formed in 2013 with