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NEWS: Sold Soul “Harrowing, His Calls To The Void” lyric video!

North Carolina Deathcore heavyweights Sold Soul released one of the best albums of 2018 with “Into The Mouth of Hell”. It’s trio of guest appearances add serious weight and gravitas without being detramental to the brutally heavy sound. They’ve dropped a lyric video for “Harrowing, His Calls To The Void” and it’s fantastic. If you

Review: “Into The Mouth of Hell” by Sold Soul

Mixed and mastered by Alexander “Sashko” Khod, North Carolina’s Sold Soul bring Melodic Deathcore that promises stories of hate, hell, and hopelessness across nine tracks with five guest vocalists. “Preface to Damnation” is an atmosphere building epic instrumental piece. A cycling primative programmed pattern is build upon with layers of eerie synths and occasional open

NEWS: Sold Soul get heavy with Methwitch on “Dread Father”!

Featuring guest vocals from ex-Signs of the Swarm and current Lorna Shore frontman CJ McCreery, Ben Mason of Bound in Fear, Greg Gilbert of Shrine of Malice, Methwitch Multi-Instrumentalist Cameron McBride & Niko Apostolakis of Until We Die, North Carolina Melodic Deathcore quintet Sold Soul will be releasing their new album “Into the Mouth of Hell” on 12th