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Review: “Anguish” by Fraktions (5th Anniversary)

Our annual pilgrimage to Newark Showground for Tech-Fest began in July 2017 and we haven’t looked back since, the absence of the festival for two consecutive years due to the Great Plague considered a crime against humanity in these parts. So rather than cry into our collective empty pint glasses, we decided that to bring

Review: “Kalos” by Fraktions

In 2017 London Progressive Metallers Fraktions were on a high, their debut EP “Anguish“, a concept release about mental health that takes the listener on a journey through multiple sound worlds taking them to Tech-Fest where they were joined by Kaan Tasan now of Heart of a Coward who reprised his role on “Panic“. But

The Black Map #151: Fraktions from London!

As In Flames put it, sometimes you have to reroute to remain and for Fraktions that’s exactly what they’ve had to do. Having started life as a quintet in 2015 they impressed with debut album “Anguish“, a concept release about a journey through Mental Health recorded and mixed by Daniel Reid (No Consequence) and mastered

Playthrough: “Deluge” from Fraktions!

January saw a surprise EP release from Progressive Metallers Fraktions entitled “Kalos“. After the departure of their guitarist duo the band reinvented themselves as a Progressive Instrumental trio with vocalist Joel Pinder showing off his skills as a pianist. In this playthrough video for new song “Deluge” he performs the track in full at Enigma

NEWS: Fraktons announce return with “Devotion”!

In what has to go down as one of the biggest surprises of the year so far, Fraktons have announced their return. The band who we first witnessed on stage at Tech-Fest in 2017 and who were joined by Kaan Tasan of Heart of a Coward for “Panic” had been searching for a new direction